BBC retain Coulthard, McKenzie and Humphrey for 2012

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    Keith Collantine

    BBC have lost Martin Brundle to Sky, but they’re keeping Jake Humphrey, Lee McKenzie and David Coulthard:


    No mention of Eddie Jordan which raises the exciting prospect that we might be able to watch races without them droning on about his shirts.

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    Good job that Brundle is not going to be put out of a job. I hope he has the “lead commentator” role at sky.


    I hope they retain Eddie Jordan. Seriously. He’s more valuable to the BBC’s coverage than all of those in my honest opinion, as much as I love them all.

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    …and the BBC coverage immediately fails!!! haha… great news though – what about Eddie?

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    I would rather liked to have preserved the DC-MB commentary pairing, they’ve been excellent this season. I can’t see Croft-MB on Sky or Croft-DC on BBC working.

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    Who’s going to replace Martin Brundle then? David Croft is almost certainly going to Sky, so who does that leave? Anthony Davidson or someone new? Would the BBC ever consider James Allen or Jonathon Legard?

    As for Eddie Jordan, I really hope he stays. There doesn’t seems to be any suggestions that he’s going to Sky, so I hope he doesn’t just quit.

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    How about Ted? Looks like he is on his way out as well..

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    Ted Kravitz is going to Sky to be their pit-lane reporter, leaving Lee McKenzie to do her previous job and presumably also the space Ted left.

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    Eddie Jordan is gold for BBC F1 Forum. So I hope Eddie Jordan will be there next year.

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    @vettels Apparently the commentary will be shared – so whoever is commentating for Sky, the BBC gets as well.

    @magnificent-geoffrey I’m not a fan of Eddie’s overly cynical approach at times. He is correct and very insightful when talking about the lower-grid teams; and about pay drivers and how the whole system works commercially. But I think a bit out of his depth when talking about the McLarens/Ferraris; and is very misleading then. I don’t like it when he talks as if he’s a technical genius either. BUT one thing I WILL miss from him is his no-holds-barred approach – when asking difficult questions, he goes in for the kill with no questions asked…

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    I thought BBC & Sky were going to share the commentating team?

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    A shared commentary team is definitely good news. So I guess what this means then is that the only real change for the BBC will be that MB will be at Sky in terms of pre- and post-show coverage.

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    I really hope that Sky pair James Allen with Martin Brundle. You lot can say and think what you like, but that was some great commentary between those guys. Best I’ve ever heard it, Murray’s high pitched squel of a pig impressions just didnt do it for me, as much as I like the fella…!

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    Ted Kravitz signs off with “I’ll see you in 2012” at the end of his
    video report from the (wonderfully chaotic) Interlagos paddock

    Far be it from me to start any more conspiracy theories, but that sounded to me like he’d be back again with BBC – which would be great.

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    The general consensus at the moment is that Kravitz is moving to Sky. However, Steve Rider has been interviewing drivers (possibly in preparation for next year), so he could be Sky’s pit-lane reporter and Kravitz stay with BBC after all.

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