Best driver at each track

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    @kingshark ‘s championship standings:
    Vettel: 27
    Alonso: 22
    Hamilton: 21
    Massa: 10
    Webber: 10
    Rosberg: 9
    Raikkonen: 8
    Button: 7
    Hulkenberg: 3



    Vettel ahead of Alonso? This must be a horrendous mistake! 0_O

    Although in all seriousness, I was expecting it. Tbh Vettel has so far been the best driver this season, Alonso has been up there in pace but for whatever reason has made some uncharacteristic mistakes. At current form, I would put Vettel on top of the crop, although that can (and hopefully will) change by the end of this year.



    If we were to use the 2013 performance of drivers so far after Monaco I say this [obviously not putting first 6 races on the list]
    Canada: Lewis Hamilton
    Sliverstone: Mark Webber
    Germany: Sebastian Vettel
    Hungary: Felipe Massa
    Spa: Kimi Raikkonen
    Italy: Sergio Perez
    Singapore: Not sure, if its dry I say Adrian Sutil, if its wet I say Jules Bianchi or Van Der Garde
    Now for the final races [Something tells me Vettel is on here lol]
    Japan: Sebastian Vettel
    Korea: Fernando Alonso
    India: Sebastian Vettel
    Abu Dhabi: Sebastian Vettel
    Turkey: Felipe Massa [to replace USA since there’s been only one race there]
    And finally…..
    Brazil: Again, depends on the weather Dry: Romain Grosjean Wet: Paul Di Resta

    Now I know some of these are controversal but that’s what I think personally.


    James Whiteley

    I wonder what makes Kimi so damn good at Spa. It must be that his driving style is just perfectly suited to the characteristics of the circuit.



    Australia: Button
    Malaysia: Vettel
    China: Rosberg
    Bahrain: Vettel
    Spain: (Catalunya) Alonso, (Valencia) Vettel
    Monaco: Webber
    Canada: Hamilton
    Britain: Webber
    Germany: (Nurburgring) Webber, (Hockenhiem) Alonso
    Hungary: Massa
    Belgium: Raikkonen
    Italy: Hamilton
    Singapore: Vettel
    Japan: Vettel
    South Korea: Vettel
    India: Vettel
    Abu Dhabi: Hamilton (Thank God it ain’t Vettel)
    Turkey: Webber (if it was Indianapolis: Raikkonen)
    Brazil: Webber


    Sri Harsha

    I will go with mnmracers Point of TOP 3
    Australia : Button , Vettel , Raikkonen
    Malaysia : Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton
    China : Hamilton, Robserg, Vettel
    Bahrain : Vettel, Kimi, Alonso
    Spain : Webber , Alonso , Hamilton
    Monaco : Webber ,Alonso , Vettel
    Montreal : Hamilon, Alonso , Vettel
    Silverstone: Webber , Alonso, Vettel
    Nurburgring : Webber, Alonso, Hamilton
    Hungary : Hamilton, Button, Vettel
    Spa : Kimi, Vettel, Hamilton
    Italy : Vettel, Alonso, Button
    Singapore : Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton
    Suzuka : Vettel, Button, Kimi
    Korea : Vettel, Alonso, Webber
    India : Vettel, Alonso, Webber
    Abudhabi : Hamilton, Vettel, Button
    Turkey : Vettel, Massa, Hamilton
    Brazil : Hulkenberg, Massa, Webber

    Vettel : 35
    Webber: 15
    Button: 08
    Hamilton: 18
    Alonso: 21
    Massa: 04
    Raikkonen: 05
    Rosberg: 02
    Hulkenberg: 03

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