Best drivers to have won just one grand prix

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    Fred Pink

    Who do you think are the best drivers to have won just the once in their F1 careers? It is tricky as some drivers like Nico Rosberg will almost certainly win more and some died before they could add to their tally like François Cevert. However I am interested in all view points and any interesting biographical details!

    In no order I think Olivier Panis, José Carlos Pace, François Cevert and Alessandro Nannini were the most talented. The last three of course died or were injured before they could win more races.



    Jean Alesi. Hands down..



    Good topic, here’s a list of drivers who have won just 1 GP (excluding Indy 500 winners):

    Maldonado, Rosberg, Kovalainen, Kubica, Trulli, Panis, Alesi, Nannini, Nilsson, Brambilla, Mass, Pace, Beltoise, Cevert, Gethin, Scarfiotti, Ginther, Bandini, Ireland, Baghetti, Bonnier, Musso, Taruffi and Fagioli.

    For me, it’s Francois Cevert by a loooong way. Other notable mentions are Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica, Jean Alesi and Luigi Musso.

    If I may go one step further and add drivers who haven’t won a race in their career, then I would have a tough time choosing between Cevert and Stefan Bellof.



    Cevert and Kubica are the two most obvious to me. Neither really got the chance they deserved.



    @andae23 Jim Rathmann’s only win was the 1960 Indy 500…



    @wsrgo Whoops, that one slipped through :P


    Yaya Ishaq

    Jean Alesi and Robert Kubica.



    I would have to say Robert Kubica. In my opinion, he’s much like Mark Webber in that Kubica was never in a legitimate winning team (i.e. Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, Mercedes, or the current Louts). During Kubica’s time at BMW Sauber, the only real race winning car that was given to him was in 2008 in which he won the Canadian Grand Prix (with his then teammate Nick Heidfeld coming in 2nd). Other than in 2008, he has not been given a car to win in. He has demonstrated speed, however, even more recently in 2010. His three podiums in Australia, Monaco, and Spa were brilliant drives. Who knows, if he was never involved in that horrific rally crash in the winter of 2011, he might be at Ferrari, McLaren, or even have stayed at Lotus (which is now a race winning team). The mere thought of Raikkonen and Kubica is a fantastic driver lineup!



    Maldonado, … oh wait, we talk about the best. So, Cevert, Kubica, Alesi and Pace are my choices.


    Keith Collantine

    I’d probably go with Cevert. I’m sure he had a lot of success in front of him. But sadly I think you could say the same about Kubica.



    1. Francois Cevert
    2. Jean Alesi
    3. Robert Kubica
    4. Nico Rosberg
    5. Jarno Trulli
    6. Olivier Panis

    Those are the six that stand out to me.



    Kubica for me, which makes his accident all the more tragic :(


    Ed Marques

    Cevert, Kubica and Pace.


    Craig Woollard

    It has to be Kubica for me… Unfortunately it doesn’t seem he’ll come back and win another race…


    Fred Pink

    What about the least talented to win a race? Actually lets say luckiest as all F1 drivers are of course great drivers!

    Vittorio Brambilla?

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