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    Now this may bring up some debate.

    Of the 2011 cars which is the ‘best looking’ in your opinion.

    Forget for a second who your favourite is and who is leading.

    If you had to start your own F1 team tomo and had to pick an existing colour and style… which would it be?



    I used to hate the McLaren (despite them being my favourite team). I thought that there was something camel-like about it. But it looks steadily more ‘right’ every race. I like the nose, and I find the sidepods interesting. The livery isn’t pretty, but it stands out and is special.

    I hate the Ferrari. I don’t like the pointy nose, I don’t think it matches the rest of the car in profile and the livery doesn’t work. The placement of the white is wrong. The rest of the car doesn’t look right to me somehow.

    The Red Bull is perhaps the best. It looks aggressive and squat. I don’t like the rake they run it at, but otherwise it is a nice car, and the livery is simple but very good.

    But other than the stupid red highlights, my favourite might be the Renault. The shape of the car is very nice, and the JPS livery has grown on me after I first thought they missed the mark with it.



    I actually love the look of the Merc; though the McLaren IMO still has the best livery. I would love to see both of those together. I think as for the car, the Sauber is actually second-best looking, and the Williams Rothmans-ish livery is second best. Go figure.


    Dan Thorn

    The Mercedes is the best looking by a mile. Then I’d say the Ferrari and the Force India, but overall it’s quite an ugly bunch this year.



    I think this is one of the worst years for car shapes, they are either boring or weird, like the awful noses on the Merc and HRT.


    Keith Collantine
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