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F1 discussion

Best-Looking F1 Grid

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    Profile photo of Lucas Wilson
    Lucas Wilson

    I think quite a lot of people agree we have some nice cars on the grid this year (e.g. Marrusia, Sauber).

    But which year has the best?

    Profile photo of Fer no.65
    Fer no.65


    You got Ferrari Red
    Silver McLaren
    Blue Prost
    Yellow Jordan
    Green Jaguar
    Yellow Minardi
    Orange and Black Arrows
    White BAR
    Light blue Benetton

    It was so lovely and colourful back then. THis year we got a colorful grid too but the liveries are not that neat and good looking.

    Profile photo of Lucas Wilson
    Lucas Wilson

    @Fer no.65

    I just looked, wow, still the same number of cars as this year. Has 22 been the universal standard for a F1 grid lol.

    Profile photo of Aish Heydrich
    Aish Heydrich

    2001-2004 BMW Williams was pretty bold and strong.

    Profile photo of Saints

    2004 was pretty nice with green Jaguar, yellow Jordan, blue Sauber (really beautiful back then) and of course Ferrari and McLaren looking great as always

    Profile photo of Fer no.65
    Fer no.65

    Blue and Green Sauber… those always looked great !

    Profile photo of Lucas Wilson
    Lucas Wilson

    I liked the grid (unlike many) in 1996. That 1996 Sauber ( is sick!

    Profile photo of Juan Pablo Heidfeld
    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Jules Bianchi is quite good looking for an F1 driver…

    Profile photo of sbl on tour
    sbl on tour

    anything from 1973 to 1982, just look at the variation, this modern stuff is all well and good but not a patch on these years

    Profile photo of Kingshark

    I liked the 2006 grid a lot.

    Profile photo of electrolite

    I’m gonna go with 1983. There’s just something about the look of those cars which gets me. They’re pretty unusual to look at, but I love them, especially the Renault and Tyrrell.

    Edit: Another shout out to the super cool looking Brabham

    Profile photo of karter22

    Agree with kingshark.. the 2006 grid was awesome!

    Profile photo of Pennyroyal tea
    Pennyroyal tea

    Fer 2000 was pretty neat, I agree all those colours made for some of the most memorable cars of these past decades especially taking in consideration how similar some cars were.

    Profile photo of Journeyer

    I’ll stick my neck out and say… 1994. I know, not the best year safety-wise. But livery-wise, it was amazing.

    The multi-color Benetton
    The Rothmans Williams
    The scarlet red Ferrari
    The red and white McLaren
    The black Sauber
    The techno-Technicolor Footwork
    The black and yellow Minardi

    And those are just the best ones! There are many more that come to mind.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)

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