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    Lucas Wilson

    For me, it has to be COTA.



    1. Istanbul Park, Turkey
    2. Sepang Circuit, Malaysia
    3. Circuit of the Americas, United States
    4. Sakhir Circuit, Bahrain
    5. Marina Bay Circuit, Singapore
    (last 15 years)



    How modern is modern?


    Lucas Wilson


    Lets call it the ’tilke’ era.



    It’s like a video game bonus track, but real.



    It’s a little difficult for me not having played any of the codemasters F1 games. But CotA is very good. I like Sepang’s layout, and I have far more time for Sakhir than most people. I reckon I might like India to drive, but I hate it as an event. I’m not at all fond of Korea and detest Yas Marina and Valencia.

    Although Singapore is a bit of a different spectacle and nicely demanding, I hate the layout. Even as a spectacle it suffers in that I sometimes struggle to differentiate different parts of the circuit, and although the night setting may be different (and certainly spectacular from helicopter shots), I feel like it’s a shame that all the architecture and surroundings are almost entirely hidden from view, even when they’re only a few metres away- the backdrop can have a big impact on my enjoyment, and Marina Bay isn’t distinctive besides being floodlit.

    Turkey was always okay, but I’ve never ‘driven’ it, so I don’t know how enjoyable the first or last sectors are. It was always reasonably good to watch though.



    Top 3 to drive on an F1 game:
    1. Bahrain, 2. Istanbul, 3. Fuji (if there was an F1 2007 or 2008, I would’ve enjoyed this track)
    I struggle with COTA the most.

    Top 3 to watch:
    1. Bahrain, 2. Sepang, 3. Shanghai
    The worst I would say is/was Valencia.


    Craig Woollard

    Sepang is such a challenge to drive, especially in the wet and especially that penultimate corner which I can never get right.

    COTA is really nice to drive as well, and Singapore is a real challenge.

    However, my favourite modern F1 track is no longer with us. Istanbul. Wonderful track to drive on both F1 2006 and F1 2011.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Korea was dire. Absolutely shockingly bad.



    1. Sepang
    2. Istanbul
    3. COTA
    4. Singapore
    5. Shanghai

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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