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    Today in GP2 race several drivers were shown a black and white flag for not using the track at all times.

    As I was watching the stream on Portuguese I didn’t quite get what does that mean – is it a warning before punishment or what (Grosjean received a drive-through penalty for not using the track at all times).

    We have seen before that stewards (they are the same for all races) use support races to set some rules clear (cutting the turn 1 in Monaco for example) as a lot of team members watch support races.

    Do you think off-track excursions to get competitive advantage will get penalized now or are those flags just a public showing of ”last warning” which would usually arrive over radio from Charlie Whiting?



    It is a warning. Grosjean got black/white flag early and then drive through for about 10 laps later, so he clearly continued same way as before the warning.

    In fact, these are the situations where black/white flag is very usable.


    Keith Collantine

    Hamilton’s got the same flag in Malaysia this year:

    Drivers as stewards make presence felt as Hamilton gets black-and-white flag



    Thanks for clearing that up, I forgot about Hamilton in Malaysia. Maybe it has something to do with Alonso-Kubica incident at Silverstone. No matter what Ferrari or Alonso say he did cut the track to overtake Kubica.


    Ned Flanders

    The black and white flag (as well as the black and orange one) is so rarely used that I recognise it most from playing on computer games. Ram into the back of someone or cut across a corner and you’ll get one! You could describe it as the equivilant of a yellow card in football



    I recognise it most from playing on computer games.

    Speaking of which, does anyone know whether we’ll have drive thru penalties or stop-go penalties in F1 2010. This business of slowing you down because you cut a corner annoyed me because obviously it doesn’t happen in real life.


    Ned Flanders

    It annoyed me because even when you made a mistake and went off, you used to get penalised anyway, even if you didn’t gain any time. Infuriating!!!



    @ Ned Flanders

    Haha, good call! When they showed the black and white flag message during the GP2 race I thought of my old F1 World Grand Prix for my N64!

    …Also still one of the best F1 games I’ve ever played.



    F1 2009 already had drive-throughs, IIRC. Not sure about stop-gos, as they’re very rare now.

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