Should Mercedes hire Bottas?

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    I know Merc has 2 great drivers but I also learnt today that Toto Wolff is Bottas’ manager, what do people think of a potential future move? Also pretty cool that for the first time since 1961 has a part owner of 2 different teams has had all cars finish in the top 4



    I think Bottas has shown that he has great potential but I don’t see Mercedes replacing Nico with Bottas yet. Just kidding:)



    Sounds great, but I believe both Rosberg and Hamilton already have a contract for next year, and it would be silly if either of them would leave this 2014-dominating team. But I wouldn’t rule him out for 2016 just yet.



    I get the feeling that the more ‘bad luck’ goes Hamilton’s way, the more inclined he may become to accidentally open his mouth and comment on Rosberg being treated better due to being German, or something like that. If that were to occur, then Mercedes may look elsewhere to the available talent (Alonso, Hulkenberg, Bottas etc)



    It’s true that Hamilton could say the wrong things that could “damage” the brand, truth is though, they’re good racers and so far, haven’t taken eachother out. My guess would be that it is a possibility should one leave or be injured, but then sam bird is floating around in the background too.



    Maybe sometime in the future. Right now Mercedes have an awesome driver pairing, no reason to change that. If a seat should open, Alonso might chase it and in that case they will probably pick him over Bottas



    For some reason the moderators have changed my heading from “Bottas to Mercedes” which was a generic thought on whether there was space for him in the future as wolff is his manager to “should mercedes hire Bottas” which is a direct question about the immediate future. Annoying.


    Aled Davies

    Can’t see Sam Bird getting a drive there! if they really wanted him in F1 I’m sure they would have made some deal with one of their engine supplied teams who were struggling for cash (Williams??) for say lower engine cost to take Sam on and give him experience.

    Big question of the driver market this year is Button and Mclaren, i have read that Ron Dennis isn’t his biggest fan..



    If either Rosberg or hamilton would leave Mercedes, Bottas would be the logical choice. However, it most likely will not happen next year, but it might happen at some point later, maybe in 2016 or 2017. Bottas has said that he is happy at Williams at the moment and is not looking elsewhere for next year, but if Williams does not continue improving and a seat opens at Mercedes (assmuning they stay at the top) he will definately be tempted to go there. I have heard Toto wolff say so much good about Bottas, that it would be odd for them not to consider him at some point.



    I made a prediction of Bottas to Mercedes a few months ago, but I think it was for 2016. Whilst Mercedes have a fine driver line-up, I think it will be difficult for both to continue as team-mates past 2015 when I’d expect Mercedes to be front-runners again, along with Red Bull and maybe Ferrari, but not in such a dominant fashion. I’d guess a change of driver will be down to some sort of fall-out. If Bottas keeps showing promise, and with his links to Wolff, he’d surely be a contender to partner either Hamilton or Rosberg around that time.


    Iestyn Davies

    Interesting… I guess it will come down to who really pulls the strings, Wolff or Mercedes. I’m sure they would move their own men in to replace those who go away… i.e. Di Resta as a solid number 2 to whoever stays and aims for the WDC. They did put him in at Force India, although that was Haug’s doing and he has now retired, as has Di Resta back to DTM. If Wolff is the new powerhouse there, then he could very well get Bottas in as an eventual replacement.

    Button and Ron – Kevin has matched Jenson half the time this year…. if next year he comprehensively beats him then that must be it. But if Ron moves to cut him off after this year (saves salary money and puts it on car development), what are the options? Vandoorne is their best placed junior driver, who is probably up to Magnussen’s level. In the future is Nyck de Vries as well, if they decide on a Honda-backed WDC for now.

    That leaves…. Alonso, Kimi, Lewis etc. and if not, Jenson… unless they go left field and pick a talent like Hulkenberg, who they chose Perez over for an extra $5m in 2013. But Perez is now tied up with Force India (soon to become Mexican-owned?). So it’s really hard to see what their options are… why would Alonso or Lewis go back to McLaren given 2013 and 2014? Honda would have to be way better than Mercedes for McLaren to match their package…



    Someone mentioned Sam Bird here – he’s with AF Corse now, that’s a factory Ferrari team, so I’d guess he’s not with Mercedes anymore, but I have no idea who might be the 3rd driver at the team now.



    Any top team should hire Bottas, as they should with Hulkenburg as they should be top drivers in just a few years time (if you don’t think they are already). If its Mercs, Red Bull, The Horse or McLaren who knows- its the timing of when a top team rates the future potential over the current talent. It happened to Sergio last year (I thought harsh, buts its F1) when McLaren rated Kev Mag’s possible speed and talent more than what Checo could do for them in say 2-4 years. A good call or not- time will tell, but Kevin looks good, a bit of a rookie learning curve but he will be a great driver, but Checo looks not too bad this year as well and is in a faster team.

    There seems to be no room at Mercedes but the way Williams is looking not sure why he wont be happy in his current seat. I think the Williams are just improving all the time rather than a ‘flash in the pan’ few quick races. I think they may challenge RBR for 2nd come year end.

    Button will go from McLaren next year I think and retire. Not that he cant do some great work and help Kevin learn his craft a bit more, but old dog, new power unit, some good talent to come through (guys like JEV also) and McLaren HATE not being in the top 3 and are speaking of some radical changes to come. Seems obvious to me.


    Sir Teukka

    Bottas has already said he knows where he’s driving next year.
    He’s also said he sees no reason to leave Williams, so that’s most likely his drive for 2015 at least.


    Iestyn Davies

    The obvious choice for Mercedes reserve driver was ex-F1 and Mercedes man Paul di Resta. There were a few articles about this…. then things went silent. Then there were some linking out of work, ex-Hamilton team-mate, Heikki Kovalainen, to the slot… then things fell silent.

    So who knows – but they also have Anthony Davidson in the simulator preparing their car for each race. His low weight would be ideal for the 2014 cars… and they will know how good he is from comparing his data with Hamilton and Rosberg. An out of the blue Davidson victory (over one of the WDC protagonists) would be very interesting….

    Also, there is Daniel Juncadella, who will make his F1 debut for Force India at Silverstone. He might be worse than the other Mercedes drivers in DTM, but he’s gotten the nod as F3 champion for Mercedes’ junior F1 role….

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