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    As an aside to Keith’s series, I thought it might be fun to determine the best driver who never won a world championship. Because a few of them are obscure, I’ve decided against a round-robin format decided by voting and gone for a simple list. You can have a first, second and third choice vote. If no-one gets a majority of first-choice votes, everyone but the top three are eliminated and second-choice votes will be allocated. If there is still no winner, the third-placed driver is knocked out and third-choice votes will be allocated to determine the winner.

    The only criteria are that a driver must have finished within a win of the eventual champion and never have become champion himself. That gives us just 15 names:

    Luigi Fagioli

    Jose Gonzalez

    Stirling Moss

    Tony Brooks

    Bruce McLaren

    Wolfgang von Trips

    Jacky Ickx

    Clay Regazzoni

    Gilles Villeneuve

    Carlos Reutemann

    Didier Peroni

    John Watson

    Eddie Irvine

    Felipe Massa

    Mark Webber

    I’m open to including wildcards like Heinz-Harald Frentzen too. For the sake of allowing people time to vote, to bring up new names and to generate debate, I’m keeping the vote open until the January 31st. You can change your vote but the last ones will be considered final. Hope the idea catches on!


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    Can’t Montoya be a wild-card? He drove superbly for Williams and probably would’ve won 1 title if it weren’t for Ferrari’s dominance.


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    What abbout DC?


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    I think the only time Coulthard was second was 2001 and he was 58 points (!!) behind Schumacher. So he doesn’t make the cut and nor does Montoya who was never second placed.

    My choice is:

    1. Villeneuve

    2. Ickx

    3. Moss


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    1. Gilles

    2. Moss

    3. Massa


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    Montoya is a good example. I don’t think DC really makes the grade because he never properly challenged for a championship, Montoya was still in the running with two to go in 2003.


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    Juan Pablo Heidfeld


    Montoya should definately be up there…


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    Surely the bridesmaid of bridesmaid will be the runner up in this competition…. since they will be the bridesmaid of the competition ;)


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    Felipe Bomeny


    As drivers:

    1. Pironi

    2. Ickx

    3. Moss

    Honorable mentions: Massa, Von Trips, Villeneuve


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    I also love Eddie Irvine but he was never really good enough.


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    Very hard to choose just 3 but i think they have to be:

    – Moss

    – Villenueve

    – Ickx


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    Easy on for me!





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    Prisoner Monkeys


    Damn. Here I was thinking we’d be rating the drivers’ girlfriends …


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    1. Moss

    2. Gilles

    3. Mclaren

    Pains me to leave Pironi out, though


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    Ned Flanders


    This is a great idea Itchy! I shall choose…

    1. Stirling Moss

    2. Gilles Villeneuve

    3. Wolfgang von Trips

    PS- Eddie Irvine seems so out of place on that list!

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