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    Profile photo of sbl on tour
    sbl on tour

    i,ll start, heard yesterday

    ted- “the rain might be brief”

    mb “so might the trip to the barriers”

    also dc kept mentioning this chap heidfield, was he doing this on purpose?

    Profile photo of Zazeems

    I love the way DC says Heidfield, as apposed to Heidfeld.

    Profile photo of Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    He even managed a “hug the apex like your favourite Granny” comment yesterday too…

    Profile photo of Hare

    He’s gotta repeat these huh? I wander what the top ten Brundle-ism’s are?

    Profile photo of smifaye

    Yeah I love that “hug the white line like it’s your favourite granny” line.

    I can’t believe he managed to get this one in when Jerome D’Ambrosio stopped:

    “It’s all turned to custard for D’Ambrosio”. Just quality broadcasting!

    Profile photo of Asanator

    Lets see how many time DC can say something without using the word Balance! It is something he always used as an excuse in his F1 career and seems to have carried over into his TV role!

    Profile photo of TommyB

    “It’s all gone to Custard for D’Ambrosio”

    Profile photo of sbl on tour
    sbl on tour

    forget the custard, how long will it take mb to mention d,ambrosios creamed rice, a much superior product, me thinks!

    Profile photo of Ral

    “There are some pikeys there at turn 10 putting tarmac down – what do you think of that?”

    I think it was last year where Martin had a bet to use some kind of obscure word in his commentary and he kind of sort of mangled it in.

    Also from last year, “Kobabashi” “Kowasabi”.

    I knew there’d be a site dedicated to them:

    Profile photo of Icthyes

    My mum burst out laughing when she heard the barriers one, quality.

    Profile photo of f1alex

    Yeah Ral, think I heard about that bet too. I remember in Spa last year he said “He’s as sharp as a Kumquat fruit. I’m glad I managed to get that word in there somewhere.”

    Profile photo of S.J.M

    You get the impression that he writes those classic ones down and hopes they come up over the season. Either that or Mr Brundle is a quick thinking genius.

    Profile photo of butterdori

    Rudderless Russian was epic for me, though I didn’t quite catch when he said it at first.

    Oh, and looking at that website, this one too:

    “There are four compounds [of tyre] through the year: hard, medium, soft and supersoft; that’s silver, white, yellow and red – not a very sensible progression. I think you’ve gotta think of it as knife, toast, butter and jam as they get softer through the progression of the rubber.”

    Now there’s a sensible way of remembering all the tyre compounds!

    Profile photo of f1alex

    I laughed at the tyres one when I first heard it! He does have some great quotes sometimes.

    Profile photo of sw6569

    i loved how he nearly said ‘face full of virgin’ last race (just stopped himself when he realised what he was about to say!)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 53 total)

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