Brundle – Your Thoughts?

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    Brundle and Coulthard were brilliant today. They really gel unlike the combo of Legard and Brundle or James Allen and Brundle.



    Brundle was better than i thought he’d be at the lead role and DC did a good job, despite finding it hard to eign himself in on the Red Bull love-in on the odd occasion. Overall, very promising for a first time. They clearly have a good relationship and both are professionals who know what they’re talking about.



    Brilliant. The end.

    Well, as soon as Brundle forgot he was meant to be the lead commentator and just got on with it it was, anyway. DC was a bit quiet, but I think Brundle pulled him into it quite well a few times and as time goes on I’m sure that will become less and less necessary.

    Coulthard saved the driver naming errors for the forum, which is also not a bad thing and what errors they did make, they didn’t hesitate to correct themselves. I loved it :)

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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