Cheapest Grand Prix?

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    I was wondering what you guys pay to go to a GP?

    I have recently returned from the German GP, where we paid a total of around 230 including 3 day ticket (95 Euros, earlybird ticket), ferry, fuel (from London), hotels, food & beer. We were a group of 4 guys and rented an apartment 45 mins from the track.

    Can anyone beat this? There are some rules: one of my friends has arthritis, so must have a reserved seat and camping is out of the question.

    What does it realistically cost to go to Hungary, Spa or Istanbul?



    Malaysia is a dirt cheap race, good viewing points and dam hot weather…hotels aint too expensive, although its about a 50 min hike out of KL city to the track, good race because 3 days is enough for me in this city and you can fly to shanghai for the following weeks chinese GP……


    Keith Collantine

    I did a feature on this last year, Istanbul was generally the cheapest ahead of Shanghai:

    Are F1 fans getting ripped off? Cheapest and dearest tickets prices revealed



    Ah, but which is the cheapest; when you consider additionals such as hotels and travel from, say, London?



    That would be pretty difficult to figure out, the amount of variables is huge!



    I guess if you’re going for the general admission stands. Then they are a lot of races that could work out cheap.

    I managed the Malaysian Gp on quite a reasonable budget, and I think the Indian GP would be really affordable if you are going for the general admission stands. I’m sure you could get stay in Noida for around 30-40 euros a day for 2 people. And the general admission tickets should be priced at around 45 euros a head for the weekend.



    It would be nice to see people do what mattb has done to give people like myself and anyone who’s thinking about going to a race outside there own country by showing the total they’ve payed for the trip, and what they spent there cash on like fuel, hotel ect.

    When i was reserching recently for 2012 the expensive thing i found was hotels usually being around 100 a night which usually single handedly takes it out of my budget

    Brilliant post mattb as i’d love to be at the german GP next year


    sbl on tour

    nice thing about german gp is you can spend a day at the speyer, sensheim, porsche or merc museums, well worth it, did speyer this year and porsche and sensheim last year



    People pay alot of money to go the a GP

    but getting sky is WAY too expensive.



    I’m going to Monza this year and it’s costing me…

    ~80 for a GA ticket.

    ~150 including flights and domestic travel

    ~135 for a hostel

    ~350-400 spending money

    Considering it’s my choice to take that amount of spending money I don’t think that’s too bad.



    I’ve been to both Spa and Hungary. We’ve never got a grandstand at Spa because we think GA is much better there, that comes to 238 for this year booking only a month before. Hungary cost us a bit more but again it was last minute, but our grandstand saw the entire last sector, pit straight and the pits! Best view ever. And the tickets are much cheaper if you book before 2012 for the race.


    sbl on tour

    well andrew, if you have ga, youd better get there early, ie the night before and take a sleeping bag and a tarp,

    we did that in 2004 and went to second lesmo which had a screen, the atmosphere was belter, full of tifosi, plus I didnt see another brit/irishman all night and day which was good!!!


    sbl on tour

    true grit, woulnt go to the hungaroring if you paid me, 25 years of borefest. of course you will get the odd belter but youd expect that over 25 years

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