Clive James ‘losing cancer fight’


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    Keith Collantine

    Very saddened to learn Clive James is losing his battle with leukemia:

    I did not want to write this review 
of Clive James’s appearance on the closest thing radio has to celebrities penning their own aural obituaries: 
I wanted him to do it. There is no finer journalistic swordsman than James. But then I got this polite but terribly sad response from him: “You’re asking me to sprint when I can barely walk, so I have to say a reluctant no.”


    I expect most F1 Fanatic readers are familiar with his often-hilarious commentaries on the 1982, 1984 and 1986 official season review videos. He also presented a memorable special for ITV when they took over the F1 broadcast in the UK in 1997:


    His genuine wit and warmth is sorely missing from modern F1 coverage and I wish him all the best.

    He appears on Radio 4’s Meeting Myself Coming Back on Saturday at 8pm.


    I actually remember watching that programme back in 1997. I was eight years old and giddy with excitement.

    Tragic to hear of this situation. I hope he gets his peace soon.



    If only I had known about this programme at the time! Very sad indeed.



    :( Such awful news, Clive James is a legend



    he floored me with “nothing could diminish the finnish finish” and other gems.

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