Close to getting Sky F1 HD for free

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    Hi, i just wanted to share that i am very very close to getting Sky F1 HD for free, i used a sopcast to view all sessions from Melbourne, and was simply stunned by the quality, i have now ordered a VGA cable to connect my laptop to the TV and fingers crossed, all will be fine when i watch FP1 from Malayisa!

    I just needed help with connecting the laptop to the TV, the VGA cable i have ordered has the three coloured wires on the other end, my Tv set has approproate plugs for the the coloured wires, will the laptop image automatically appear on TV???

    (P.S Once it working all fine for me, i will be more than willing to share with anyone)



    Topic closed. Feel free to re-post it in the existing Sky F1 thread.

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