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    I’m reading comments about Vettel being “ignored” when people cast a vote in driver of the weekend. He lost this one the weekend he got a Grand Chelem… Uhm, probably I’m repeating the overheard. But I would really like to listen to both parts, to people who agree and disagree with me. Yes, Vettel won Korea’s poll, but anyway some results are so strange for me.

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    Well, I think the complaints about Vettel not getting voted are getting a little repetitive, to be honest, even as a Vettel fan. Other people’s votes on a blog do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

    I would say that voting with your head, it’s hard to look beyond a grand chelem and there’s no doubt that Vettel had the best possible weekend, but voting with your heart, some would say Kamui was DOTW because it was his first podium, and at his home race, i.e. an unexpected result that he hasn’t consistently matched (just look at what the “idiot” did in the following race).

    These are opinion polls at the end of the day. Doesn’t mean they are 100% right, or 100% wrong, because they are just that, opinions, that have to be accepted.



    Well, speaking as one of those who “complained”, let me just say that there are two sides to every argument. Vettel did not put a foot wrong for the entire weekend, and secured the Grand Chelem. At the same time, Kobayashi put in a storming drive, outperforming his car to an extent, and defending superbly against a charging Button for the final laps.

    I can understand why Kobayashi won the poll, and I can understand why Vettel lost out. As @david-a put it, the poll results are a matter of voters’ opinions, and really don’t matter in the greater scheme of things. The reason for “complaining” is to express one’s opinion, and isn’t that a base human instinct?


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I think the thing is that people didn’t really consider Vettel’s achievement in Japan to be impressive because, on a certain level, it was expected. He was fast all weekend, surprised no-one when he took pole, and lining up on the starting grid was as close as anyone got to him during the race. Add to that the way he was in a very good car and has an impressive track record at Suzuka, and it wasn’t exactly an earth-shattering revelation that he got a Grand Chelem.

    On the other hand, you had drivers like Massa and Kobayashi who rose to the occasion and put in some of the best drives of their careers to pick up (to some minds, overdue) podiums. They weren’t expected to feature on the podium at all before the race began, but they pulled it off.

    To my mind, the Driver of the Weekend award is for the person who impressed you the most. Winning the race from pole, leading every lap and setting the fastest lap time might certainly be impressive, but it doesn’t automatically guarantee you the award. It’s certainly not how I vote. Especially when you’ve got popular drivers like Kobayashi, clinging onto what would be their maiden podium in front of a home crowd.



    @Prisoner Monkeys I completely agree, otherwise it would be pointless because it would just go to the winner the whole time. Thats why I picked Kobayashi simply because he outperformed where he usually is and that to me was more impressive than another Vettel Pole:Win:FL


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed that in recent weeks, the blog seems to have become a little more argumentative on user-chosen content. First, people complain when captions that they don’t find to be particularly funny win the caption contests. Now we’ve got others whinging that “undeserving” drivers are taking the Driver of the Weekend polls. What’s next? And more importantly, why has this strted happening at all?



    @prinsoner-monkeys I agree completly just because somebody dosen’t find it funny, that is their opinion, they can have it and people moan that a driver doesn’t win dotw, they may feel that another driver deserved it, they can think that because they obvioulsy had a different opinion but not the opinion of the majority.

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