Comparing Vettel vs Hamilton… on any fact you want.

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    @benh Plus I noticed on Sunday that they also did a world-first together with Rosberg:



    I thought I’d do a little comparison about the relative dominance of RBR vs Mercedes. People say Vettel had a dominant car in 2011 and 2013, but it was really only dominant in his hands. People can question whether or not Rosberg is a better driver than Webber.

    RBR dominance 2011 and 2013 seasons

    Vettel: Race wins: 24/38
    Poles: 30/38

    Webber: Race wins: 1/38 (1!)
    Poles: 6/38

    RBR wins: 25/38
    RBR poles: 36/38
    RBR 1-2 finishes: 7/38
    RBR Front row lockouts: 12/38

    Mercedes dominance 2014-present

    Hamilton: Race wins: 19/33
    Poles: 18/33

    Rosberg: Race wins: 8/33
    Poles: 13/33

    Merc wins: 27/33
    Merc poles: 31/33
    Merc 1-2 finishes: 18/33
    Merc Front row lockouts: 22/33



    They both did 5 years (ish) at a top team then moved at the perfect moment. In fact I would say they both have terrific judgment, in the car and out of it.



    @lockup Something Alonso clearly missed, out of the car obviously.



    Yeah I have to agree @xtwl. Tho Alonso was spot on choosing McLaren for 2007, car-wise.


    David Not Coulthard

    @lockup Though the career-affecting seemingly non-career things he did at McLaren in 2007 was a different story (i.e. led him to eventually return to team Enstone for 2008, etc)



    Yeah for sure he lost it during the year @davidnotcouthard, on a massive scale. Of course it was a complete surprise and humiliation. The team did benefit from his setups I can easily believe, and also that Ron had said something about his status. Still I doubt Seb or Lewis would have blown it quite so thoroughly.

    I think he had to leave Ferrari though. 5 years is a bit of a limit. And the fat lady hasn’t sung about which of McLaren-Honda or Ferrari will eventually win a wdc next.

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