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F1 discussion

cool/funny/unique/memorable/whichever-sounding names in F1

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    this was becoming somewhat of a game in the “Frentzen to steward European GP” article, so I thought I’d just move it here

    I can’t tell whether this will be rendered useless in the near future, so apologies for eventual wasting of bandwidth

    Andrea de Cesaris, along with his given de Crasheris springs to mind

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    Theres Giancarlo Baghetti that raced in the 60’s

    sounds like a cross between a baguette and spaghetti :p

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    Andrea de Adamich was a good’un.


    Elio de Angelis

    I always liked Rene Arnoux just because whenever I thinki of it Murray’s voice pops into my head for some reason

    Luca Badoer was unfortunate because he got ‘Look how bad you are’ last year

    Baldi…because well I’m immature.

    I liked Fabrizio Barbazza

    He was just in F1 Racing so Zsolt Baumgartner

    Francious Cevert was just cool.

    I always liked “Gilles” but the driver became so popular that he didn’t even need a last name for people to recognise him and that’s hard to come across.

    Pierluigi Martini

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    Scott speed is quite memorable, mainly for his complete lack of speed.

    Profile photo of Jagged

    The Italian names just seem to roll off the tongue


    Andrea de Adamich

    Michele Alboreto

    Giovanna Amati

    Marco Apicella

    Alberto Ascari

    Lorenzo Bandini


    Nino Vaccarella

    Luigi Villoresi

    Alex Zanardi

    Renzo Zorzi

    and a whole host in between.

    Profile photo of Ratboy

    A couple more:

    Fred Wacker who did a few races in the 1950’s

    Desmond Titterington, how fantastically British is that name!

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    Lol Ratboy, I used to laugh when I was a kid trying to visualize “a mad titter running through the crowd” :-)

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    I first heard of Desmond Titterington on F1Rejects’ podcast, when they did a “Top 10 British sounding names” feature :D

    Some of the others I can remember off the top of my head.. Archie Scott-Brown and the best one: Robin Montgomorie-Charrington, haha…

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    Ned Flanders

    Haha yeah I remember that Rob, there were some great ones there!

    Here’s the link for anyone who’s interested, it’s on the 2006 British GP edition. I’d encourage everyone who hasn’t heard them before to try one of their podcasts, they’re great

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    “Francious Cevert was just cool.”

    Agree, quite possibly the coolest name ever.

    Profile photo of Ratboy

    Nothing can be quite as unique as:

    Wolfgang Alexander Albert Eduard Maximilian Reichsgraf Berghe von Trips

    Profile photo of Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    I think the most common F1 name is probably Sebastian Hill… or Nico Schumacher

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    That’s why his friends called him “Taffy” Ratboy.

    Profile photo of Ratboy

    Am not surprised Jagged, Bet the worst person in the crowd was the one that shouted “Give us a W” lol

    Profile photo of Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders

    von Trips was nicknamed ‘The Count’ wasn’t he? That’s got me thinking about other driver nicknames. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

    M Schumacher= Schumi/ The Rainmeister

    R Schumacher/ Vettel= Baby Schumi

    Massa= Felipe Baby

    Fisichella= Fisi

    Baumgartner= HWNSNBM

    Hakkinen= The Flying Finn

    Coulthard= DC

    Prost= The Professor

    N Rosberg= Britney

    Raikkonen= The Iceman

    Heidfeld= The Beardinator

    (ok so I made that last one up!)

    Can anyone think of any others?

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