Coulthard to Sky?

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    Lucas Wilson


    Just heard a rumour on another forum saying that David is going to SKY? Anyone else heard this?

    If that is the case, then the BBC presenting team is looking pretty dire.


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    I haven’t heard or seen anything about that just some rumors DC may have got married in secret.


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    Sky already have a big enough team in my opinion. Even if one person leaves I don’t really think they would not a replacement (4 pundits in the build up I think is enough, I prefer 3 personally). So I doubt there is any substance in this rumour. Also if anything, I expect if one of Johnny Herbert or Damon Hill left they would probably move Anthony Davidson into the position. Overall, if he is leaving BBC, I imagine it will be leaving BBC and leaving TV presenting for now.


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    The pundit club at Sky didn’t know the difference between a flashing yellow and a stationary yellow flag, so its not a bad rumor. Hill and Herbert are the weak links in the presentation team.


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    Force Maikel



    I hope this stays a rumour, it’s like the people that refuse to pay for F1 are punished every year for their insubordination. As if sky is breaking the BBC apart piece by piece.


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    A more likely explanation is that Sky is trying to get the best people to provide the best coverage.


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    If Sky were to drop Lazenby and Herbert, and brought in Coulthard instead, I’d be happy. Lazenby lacks on-screen charisma, and Herbert is just an idiot, talking to everyone as if they were 5 years old. Having the Brundle/Coulthard commentary team back again would be nice (can’t stand Croft for the races, but he’s not bad for the practice sessions with Davidson, and whilst I love Brundle, it’s difficult to watch the Sky during races because of Croft… But then it’s all the races live. I think in 2014 I’ll ‘alternate’ between BBC and Sky during the races).

    Really what I want is a return from Humphrey, but that’s never going to happen.

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