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F1 discussion

Current F1 driver ‘is chain smoker’, says Rosberg

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    Have just read this article where Rosberg reveals that one of the current formula one drivers “lights one cigarette after another” I immediatly jumped to the conclusion that it would be Kimi but that maybe just a stereotype to his party antics.
    any thoughts on this or proof of an F1 smoker

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    Smoking cigarettes is hardly party antics, but yeah it’s the thought I had too. Mostly because he’s the sort of childish person who thinks that swearing and smoking are cool. After all, he idolizes James Hunt who made a point of smoking on camera.

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    One would think F1 drivers avoid smoking, seeing as holding their breath to hold the thorax up against cornering g-force, and having a steady heart rate over a 90-minute period of high exertion, are important parts of their job profile.

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    Keith Collantine

    @kosmic164 Have you got a link to the original interview?

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    Sorry @Keith only the above link

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    @MazdaChris so you are of the opinion that only childish people smoke? what sort of stupid stereotype is that.

    And as far as Kimi is concerned, I think he is very professional about racing and therefore I don’t think he could be the guy Nico is referring to. Though he definitely could be the guy who eats one ice cream after another.

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    Well, F1 drivers are in the spotlight all the time so I wonder why noone has noticed it so far. Moreover, they don’t spend much time with each other between the races so I wonder how Nico knows that. My conclusion: This ‘bad’ driver is either his mate Hamilton or… Nico himself!

    Raikkonen rather looks like a casual smoker to me.

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    @mnmracer lighting a cig or two at a club/party is very different from the “lights one cigarette after another” behaviour outlined by Nico.

    I have read on several places online that Kimi does smoke but occassionally. Never have I read or heard of him being a chain smoker.

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    Keith Collantine

    Quote looks legit (“una sigaretta dietro l’altra” > “one cigarette after another”). Place your bets now, please…

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    It would have to be someone he’s on good terms with. He’d have to have spent time with that driver to witness repeated chain smoking.

    I’m guessing it might be an older driver, someone who have been around when cigarette sponsorship was not widely regulated. And a lot of the younger drivers are in driver development programmes, so I imagine that training and health management is a part of their regimen.

    There are also a couple of drivers like Button and Webber who are dedicated health nuts – Button regularly does triathlons, while Mark Webber has the Mark Webber Challenge each year.

    I think it might be one of the HRT drivers.

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    When Maldonado got his drive, Will Buxton wondered out loud on twitter if he still smoked. Apparently, in GP2, he had a sneaky pre-race smoke with the journos.

    Also, Vettel listed one of his pet hates as airport smoking lounges – why would he need to hate them if he didn’t smoke and therefore didn’t go into them?

    I don’t think it’s Kimi, but it’s just a speculative opinion.

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