CVC to consider selling share in F1?

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    Posted a few hours ago but it’s been floating around all day I think.

    I won’t pretend to know much about the economics of the sport but it does make for fascinating reading. Especially when you read…

    “3. A further expansion of the prize funds available to teams (which has already grown more than threefold since CVC’s takeover). Under the new proposals, each team which signs up to the deal and which has won the constructors’ title, competed continuously in F1 since doing so and has not changed its chassis name since doing so will be paid $10m.
    In addition, each team which has won the constructors’ championship since 2000 will earn an additional $5m per title; and each team which has competed every year since 2000 without changing its name without the commercial rights-holder’s approval will also earn $5m.
    There is also a so-called annual Double Champions payment of $35m for which – if my knowledge of recent F1 history is correct – only Red Bull Racing would currently be eligible, since the sole criterion is the first constructor to win the manufacturers’ title “in any two or more consecutive seasons including or after the 2008 season”.


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    @andrewtanner – Sorry, but the link doesn’t work. All I get is “Unable To Find That Post”, which is a really poor use of capitalisation.

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