D'Ambrosio vs Di Grassi

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    Felipe Bomeny

    Polishboy and I have had an interesting debate on whether Virgin’s Lucas di Grassi is a better pilot than Renault’s Jrome d’Ambrosio. Polishboy says that D’Ambrosio is the better driver, but I think not. Okay, so perhaps Di Grassi has never won a title in motorsport before; he has come close. D’Ambrosio, on the other hand, progressed to GP2 in a more unorthodox fashion: he has never competed in Formula Three, of which Di Grassi got second in Brazil (despite not finishing the year due to lack of funds), 8th in the UK, third in the Euroseries, and won the prestigious Macau GP. Instead, D’Ambrosio spent years in Formula Renault, never winning a title, and then going to Formula Master, which he won. Compare their GP2 performances. Now who do you think is better- Lucas or Jrome?



    Wow, I was wondering when you were gonna bring this to the forum xD. He won in Formula Renault 1.6 Belgium. So don’t say he didn’t win a championship there. Yes he skipped f3, but look at Kimi Raikkonen, he never competed in f3 or gp2 (I dont care if neither existed at the time…) And remember that he was runner up in 2008 and 2009 in the GP2 Asia series. Judging by his only F1 drive, he did very well, finishing ahead of Fauzy, and both HRTs, which is quite impressive for his first F1 appearance. I was impressed, but di Grassi on the other hand…. well, lets just say his crash on the formation lap today didn’t improve his image in my mind….


    Felipe Bomeny

    Raikkonen won major FR championships, and FR Belgium 1.6 litres isn’t that… major.

    D’Ambrosio is but a pay driver.

    And D’Ambrosio finshed second only GP2 Asia 2008.

    You can only compare them through GP2, where they have identical cars.

    He’s either going to Superleague or AutoGP next year, or maybe spend another year with DAMS and not win a feature race.

    I prefer Baguette for a Belgian driver.



    Baguette is good, but hes staying at indy, di Grassi was lucky that virgin took him, cause he really is nothing special….



    GP2 Asia means very little. But look at how winning GP2 drivers are doing in F1. We’ve seen Hamilton stunning the world. We’ve had Glock doing some good stuff at Toyota once in a while. Hulkenberg is doing OK, Kobayashi is having a good one aswell (keep in mind, in the GP2 main series, he was d’Ambrosio’s teammate, and hardly challenged him), Di Grassi is driving around like a shadow and Petrov is still making stupid moves that cost Renault precious points.

    Another thing to keep in mind while comparing the GP2 results of Di Grassi and d’Ambrosio is that Di Grassi was in a rocketship compared to d’Ambrosio’s and Kobayashi’s DAMS, which was/is a dog of a car to drive. Even so, Jerome took it up with Maldonado in Spa this year in what was to me the most spectacular GP2 drive of the year (until his engine died). If Spa is a driver-circuit, as many like to claim, then he has shone where needed.



    Neither are anything special. I think that sums it up for me. Virgin will probably make a monetary decision rather than one based on the small difference of talent between them.



    @ Icthyes – Yes, I agree. Some drivers from GP2 are good, like Rosberg and Hamilton, but some aren’t and they are believed good because they are in the same category as other better drivers.



    I think (and hope) he’s better than Di Grassi.

    It’s hard to tell as the dams teams didn’t do that well.

    D’ambrosio has mostly had the upperhand on Koboyashi, and look what he is doing!

    Saying that GP2 cars are identical isn’t really correct as the same teams are challenging at the front… must be something they do better.

    But I’m a Belgian so i’ll always pick him :)

    I just really hope to see a belgian in F1 again, full time.

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