Dangers and risks

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    With such focus on safety the past few decades in Formula 1, improvements to cars and circuits are still being constantly made by all parties involved. The recent accident involving the cameraman who was hit by Webber’s loose wheel made it clear once again that accidents can and will always happen, so the “battle” is never won.

    What parts of Formula 1 racing do you think currently poses the biggest threat to the wellbeing of drivers, or what would be the next logical area to make improvements at?

    I’ll start by admitting I think Spa’s Kemmel straight is an accident waiting to happen. Nothing serious has happened there as of yet throughout the years, but the incredible speeds cars reach there with the barriers so close and the trees behind them on the right hand side, make for a recipe for disaster if cars would get airborne somehow. And to make things worse, the crowd’s directly behind the barriers on the left hand side. The catch-fence there is tiny! Now I’d hate it as much as the next guy if big changes were made, but I would completely understand to be honest.

    What are your thoughts?


    All of Monaco!

    Also, Monza’s Rettifilo chicane. The fastest point on the calendar leading into a 90 degree turn. There could be an almighty t-bone crash one day.



    I’m not sure why the first sector of Monza was ever changed in the first place. Sure it’s a much slower chicane, but I don’t really see any advantage safety-wise because cars still reach the corner at the same speed and can just as easily hit each other under braking.



    What parts of Formula 1 racing do you think currently pose the biggest threat to the wellbeing of drivers? I think as long as F1 runs open-cockpit cars, that is biggest threat to drivers. Actions have been taken recently with the lowering of the noses last year, and next year they’ll be lowered by a lot more. It’s been suggested in the past that fully enclosed canopies or roll-hoops mounted in front of the driver could be possible solutions.



    That’s the obvious idea of course, but there’s plenty more. Like the wheels coming off in the pitlane, holding the wheel onto the car using magnets would pretty much solve that problem, wouldn’t it? The wheelnut would still have to be bolted on in order to drive the car, but at least they can’t come flying off anymore.



    The pit entry at Yeongam.


    Force Maikel

    Agree with you @roald about the Kemmel straight but I’d hate to see more changes to the track, the bus stop has anoyed a lot of fans and I would aboslutly hate Spa losing it’s status as a drivers track. Improve those fences and bariers I say.

    Oh, my main worry at the moment is the pit entry and exit of Yeoongam, that’s just waiting for an accident to happen, remeber Petrov in 2010, that was a hard one.


    Lucas Wilson

    Biggest Danger in F1?: Romain Grosjean



    The likelihood is we’ll be losing Korea soon so it’s not a massive issue, save for this year of course. Remember the kitchens when they arrived in 2011?

    Also, Albert Park. It has gravel traps. Highly unsafe. We should remove them all and replace them and the city beyond with tarmac runoffs.

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