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Domenicali will resign from Ferrari

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    Hello guys, I’m new here, I just thought to share a blog from the Italian journo and Ferrari insider Turrini:

    “Domenicali has resigned, Mattiacci will take over”

    translated version:

    What do you make of it? Certainly Montezemolo looked upset at last race. However, just like the ousting Costa got (and his success now as a part of Mercedes) I wonder what are Ferrari’s weaknesses: do they lack capable people? do they instead lack a good management?

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    For anyone (like me) thinking ‘who the hell is Mattiacci’,

    I understand that the successor is Mr. Mattiacci. Origins of Umbria, in his forties. I met him when he directed the Asia-Pacific Ferrari division. Currently he was in command of the American Division. He’s highly esteemed in Maranello and even more so in Turin. has no racing experience. He will make it. Worth a thousand wishes. He will need ‘em.

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    Force Maikel

    has no racing experience

    O dear… :-o

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    Wouldn’t surprise me. Only thing that would surprise me around Ferrari is if LDM finally admits that not giving the job to Brawn in the first place was a mistake.

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    Some rumours that are milling about would have Berger in talks as a temp additional management (Autosprint), others would have Mattiacci as a temporary role for this year. It’ll take a while to get the bigger picture and see if there are other changes I guess!

    Ps I’d like to applaud Keith Collantine and staff for this amazing F1 website :)

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    Keith Collantine

    @donuts You’re very welcome, glad to have you here!

    Bahrain must have been excruciating for Domenicali. Montezemolo said he felt “pain” at the team’s performance.

    Luca di Montezemolo, Bahrain International Circuit, 2014

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    I just saw the twitter feed, while I can’t say that it was a total shock, what I am surprised with is, that Ferrari aren’t that far back on pace, its just that Mercedes are that good this year. It seems that 3 races of mediocrity is enough for LDM…
    I feel for Domenicali, it was never going to be easy post Todt/Brawn/Schumacher Ferrari era, but he did very well. I wish him all the best.


    Racing experience is not necessarily a requirement to succeed in running a Formula 1 team.

    That said, I will feel a bit sorry for Domenicali if this is really it for him. Aside from his horrible handling of Hockenheim 2010, I felt he was the most likeable member of management in Ferrari for a long time.

    Part of me would love to see him join another team, but that won’t happen.

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    Now it’s officially confirmed by the team.
    After resigning from Ferrari, it’s unlikely he’ll be at another team.. Whitmarsh too I suppose, after McLaren.
    As for racing experience I kind of agree it’s not necessary, the role is that of a manager and doesn’t require technical studies. I just hope they can keep the team and drivers together in this phase.

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    Neel Jani

    We really have been seeing a breakdown of Ferrari in recent years. The situation at Marenello is worrying for them looking at how the car has been over the last half-a-decade

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    Keith Collantine

    It’s now been confirmed by Ferrari so the discussion will continue here:

    Domenicali steps down at Ferrari after poor start to season

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