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    If that happens to a championship contender then they’re completely stuffed, especially if their rivals get the right call and have a 1-2 with double points. Then the championship battle is over faster, negating the point.



    I like the scoring system the way it is now.

    If I were the one to change the scoring system, I would introduce smaller awards for scoring the most points in various groups of races. Based on the 2014 calendar.

    American trophy:
    United States

    Asia trophy:

    Classic trophy:

    European trophy:

    World trophy:
    Abu Dhabi

    4 races in each (except for America, because they don’t have 4 races at the moment – although if New Jersey ever gets on the calendar, it will be 4 races)
    By my sums, based on 2013, even though Vettel was dominant, Nico Rosberg would have won the Classic Trophy 70 points to Vettel’s 68.
    If some bonus points were awarded for winning a trophy, that might make things a bit interesting.



    @davids now that’s a scoring system I could get behind!



    @davids I do actually quite like that. I wouldn’t award any points from this to the world championship as such, but I think there would be some merit to this. It beats the Pole Position trophy anyway, that’s for sure!


    @davids you should be the FIA President. Great idea! You could give some points for the “minichampionships”, let’s say something really small: 4 – 2 – 1 for the first 3 drivers at each stage. If you think about it, it’s a maximum hail of 12 extra points or beating the others, not foolish double points scheme in Abu Dhabi. I repeat my congratulations for this great idea David.


    Max Jacobson

    I’ve had a fantastic idea. Award points down to 15th, so consistently is rewarded more greatly.

    I should clarify that extending the points scoring places is absolutely not my idea, it has been proposed many times before. Nonetheless, it is not in any way artificial and would mean 10th place isn’t likely to be decided by one result.



    I wouldn’t like to see points devalued even further. The majority of competitors shouldn’t score points in a race, in my opinion.
    I do think it should go back to being the top 8 positions now that there are 22 competitors. At the moment almost half score points, which I disagree with.


    Points are ok as they are, everybody knows it. Or as @deej92 says, they should go back to the 8-drivers system. But I also agree with @vettel1, and there should be an average, not only a “lucky race” to decide the backmarkers order for both WDC and WCC standings.


    Max Jacobson

    It’s not like points would really be devalued in any way @deej92 as you would obviously still be reworded for finishing higher, it would just mean that instead of 13th place finishes deciding the lower places it would actually be meaningful, and William’s advantage over the backmarkers would become more apparent.

    The old system was fine because lots of people retired, that isn’t the case now (although it may become the case again next season).



    “William’s advantage over the backmarkers would become more apparent”

    They already managed to score an infinite times as many points as them. Does it really matter if that only translates to a few actual points?

    I personally agree that the old system was fine because so many people retired. But by the same token I think 10 places are enough to be rewarded now that reliability is that much better.



    I meant devalued compared to previous years. Where 6th would get 1 point in 2002, 15th would get 1 point with your proposal.
    The current system without the double points is satisfactory, while the 2003-2009 system would be ideal with the current number.

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