Drivers greatest strength

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    On a lighter note…

    Sutil – Bar fights

    Trulli – On track fights with Sutil



    @todford thats only cos theres no glass around for Sutil to fight back with!!



    Hamilton – Being passed around the outside!


    Tom L.

    I’ve pointed this out before but another of Trulli’s greatest strengths is defensive driving. The “Trulli train” phenomenon originated through his ability to keep faster cars behind for long periods of time.



    Massa: Anti clockwise circuits

    Button: Traction, slow corner exiting – it shows most when the track is drying


    Felipe Bomeny

    Kubica has the ability to create spectacular, life-threatening crashes, which ultimately leads to a breakthrough performance from a teammate (Vettel, Petrov).



    Alonso – Making you realise that Alonso is faster than you.



    Vettel – finger pointing.

    Webber – swearing.

    Alonso – Laughing evil.

    Massa – Spinning in the rain at silverstone.

    Hamilton – Using the word “frigging”.

    Button – Complaining.

    Schumacher – Ramming people off the road.

    Rosberg – His Leonardo DiCaprio haircut says it all.

    Heidfeld – Not winning.

    That’s all I can think of. ;)


    Prisoner Monkeys

    I would say Alonso’s biggest strength is getting himself out of trouble. So far, he’s been involved in the Stepney Affair, the Singapore Incident and the team orders row in Germany last year. Two of those were the biggest controversies in sporting history, but nothing seems to stick to Alonso. If he wasn’t in Formula 1, he’d make for a really good defence attorney.



    I don’t see where Germany 2010 was a situation that FA was responsible for. That decision was made on the pit wall.

    His name was cleared in Singapore 2008 just the same, your mileage may vary.

    He made a lot of trouble for himself throughout the whole of 2007 (well, Indianapolis onward anyway, Monaco wasn’t his fault in the least).

    There’s something about Alonso that can wring the last ounce out of a car that isn’t the best and up until last year (though Red Bull had a better car all season) TENDED (2007, of course, where McLaren had the best car over Ferrari) but more often than not still, is much like Prost in knowing how many points on the table are possible.



    Alonso – Good real-time decisions, and good at

    Hamilton – Making moves up the inside, wet weather

    Vettel – A good all-rounder, quick, good on his tyres, clever…

    Webber – Good over the radio, good at advertising Red Bull (if you don’t get it, Red Bull gives you wings, his crash in Valencia 2010?)

    Kobayashi – Overtaking

    Petrov – Quick off the line

    Narain – Very good at driving an f1 car at the same speed i walk

    Button – Brilliant in the drying conditions

    Kubica – Consistent/Reliable

    Massa Quick off the line, and letting Fernando be faster then him

    Schumacher – losing his front wing, pitting very often

    Perez – Not having much confidence in the team, good on his tyres

    Liuzzi – getting in the way

    D’Ambrosio – Being slower then Glock

    Glock – nothing

    Trulli – Driving without power steering ;)

    Kovalainen – good at driving a team forwards

    Rosberg – Being there, not high up but there

    Alguesuari – good under pressure

    Buemi – consistent

    Di Resta – quick all rounder

    Sutil – fighting in a nightclub



    Karthikeyan -finishing last :(

    Webber – disobeying team orders

    Alonso – pretending he knows nothing of team orders

    Kobayashi – clever overtaking moves



    Trulli definately used to be the qualifying master, if you look at some of his performances for Toyota, Renault and Jordan he was definitely the best for 1 lap. In 2008 I remember he was always at least 6 places further up than Glock. Also I agree Tom L, Trulli is amazing at keeping cars behind him even if they’re massively faster than him.



    Agree with you there Shadow, I feel sorry for Trulli, he’s had an unlucky career and was never given the chances he deserved.

    He could pull out incredibly fast laps but always seemed to have the worst luck in races.

    I always thought that given a better car he could have impressed.

    I thought he performed well for Toyota and it’s a pity he ended up in Lotus.



    The prize for best starter must surely go to Schumi in 2011.

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