Drivers who should have won a world championship

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    A few names spring to the mind.

    1. Sir Stirling Moss
    2. Carlos Reutemann
    3. Felipe Massa
    4. Ronnie Peterson
    5. Juan Pablo Montoya
    6. Francois Cevert
    7. Tony Brooks
    8. Michele Alboreto



    Tony Brooks was a very good driver and could have won the championship, Jacques Laffite also.



    Gotta be Moss.


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Unsurprisingly I think Montoya deserved a title, for me he ranked with Alonso and Raikkonen as those who could really threaten Schumacher 2001-2004, the other two won titles and he moved. I reckon had he stayed he could have had another shot, Kimi had gone to Ferrari meaning JPM and Alonso pairing, could have been interesting



    2003 was Montoya’s one big chance. IIRC, with two races to go, Schumi was on 82 points and Juan was on 79.

    However, his disastrous race in the USA GP ended his title hopes for all. The DNF when leading in Japan was just beating the dead horse (and Williams losing the WCC of course).

    Obviously, Montoya did retire twice in 03 from the lead, due no fault of his own. Austria and Japan were 20 easy points lost. Sadly that did cost him the WDC at the end.



    Gonna say Villeneuve and as a bonus…. I´m gonna throw Kubica in there…. I have a soft spot for the guy….


    Antonio Nartea

    I’m gonna go on a limb here and say Rene Arnoux in 83, Eddie Irvine in 99 and Carlos Reutemann on one of the many occasions he came so close in the fight for the WDC.

    Also, Villeneuve in 79, Montoya in 03 and Massa in 08 have all been mentioned and are more than reasonable options.



    Funny, we now have a list of people who deserved a world championship longer than the total number of world championships since 1950!

    Disagree with Irvine: 1999 was his one and only shot at the world title, but until Schumacher broke his leg, the German outclassed Irvine on most occasions.


    Antonio Nartea

    but until Schumacher broke his leg, the German outclassed Irvine on most occasions.

    No doubt about it whatsoever, and if it wasn’t for the crash, Schumi would have probably had 8 titles to his belt now. But given the context, I think Irvine did a fine job and would have probably won the title if it wasn’t for the pits screw up on the Nurburgring. It’s true it was a one-shot thing but he fought hard for it and had his share of bad luck as well. He deserves a mention for that, imho.



    Helmut Marko, perhaps? Luigi Fagioli? Even Enzo Ferrari? Pironi? Alex Zanardi and Patrese might spring to mind, but I’m not old enough to remember their performances.



    “Helmut Marko, perhaps?” Um………………………NO….!! I am more deserved to a title than that clown!!

    Webber in 2010- but he made a mistake that cost him. Seb in 2011 could have made the same mistake with no issue, but 2010 was too close for simple mistakes :( :(

    Gerhard Berger for me! For buggar born in the wrong era !!



    As much as I dislike Helmut Marko as a PR guy, he was an amazing sportscar driver. He and Gijs van Lennep set a distance record in the 1971 Le Mans 24 hours that wasn’t broken until 2010. He never did that well in F1 though, so an F1 title might be a bit far-fetched. And Enzo Ferrari stopped racing long before there was a Formula 1 World Championship.



    Barrichello could have won in 2009 if his british biased team did not give a biased support the British driver.
    This is highlighted because many times Barrichello subtly made quips about not being given equal treatment, I mean he did not even have a comfortable seat for the first few races for crying out loud.Did anyone notice when other teams began to catch up in 2009 Button really began to struggle and Barrichello regularly out qualified him and eve won races??



    As much as I dislike Helmut Marko as a PR guy…..

    I certainly agree with you on that. If only he kept on racing he might not even be a PR guy.

    But then again, if so, then we might end up with an even more annoying one!



    @realracer – Barrichello did that before, regarding a non-British team and teammate.

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