Drivers who won a race in their first F1 season

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    Lucas Wilson

    Inspired by todays ‘On this day in F1’ who have won a race in their first F1 season:

    Jacques Villenueve (1996)
    Lewis Hamilton (2007)


    Lucas Wilson

    Juan Pablo Montoya (2001)



    If you are a pedant you would say that every race winner in 1950 won in their first F1 season, so based on that:

    Nino Farina (1950)
    Juan Manuel Fangio (1950)
    Johnny Parsons (1950)


    Juan Pablo Heidfeld

    Giancarlo Baghetti is the only driver to win his first ever GP sometime in the 60s (if you discount 1950 because lots of drivers had already won races before then).



    If you consider first full season, Michael Schumacher (Belgium 1992 – drove only the last 6 races in 1991) and Sebastian Vettel (Italy 2008 – drove only 8 races in 2007).



    Jackie Stewart (Italy 1965), Emerson Fittipaldi (USA 1970), Clay Regazzoni (Italy 1970), Giancarlo Baghetti (France 1961)



    @mnmracer Baghetti had also previously won in non-championship GPs, I think.



    “If you consider first full season…”

    Somebody said this the other day (mentioning Vettel). My reply was as follows, although this person was actually talking about drivers winning races in every full season they competed in rather than just the first:

    And Fangio (although technically he never raced a full season anyway because of Indy, discounting Indy he had many complete seasons plus a few lone races at the end of his career), Ascari (he only had 2 complete seasons, again excluding Indy), Hawthorn, Moss (who can be counted whether you discount Indy or not, on account of 1961 not including Indy) etc. Probably several more drivers from the ’50s in particular. Prost and Senna too despite very nearly having complete, winless seasons. These days it is of course more difficult due to virtually all drivers starting in weaker cars and being committed to full seasons in them, so, even if there are loads of drivers who have won in all of their full seasons, Vettel being counted among them is impressive nevertheless. Schumacher is a recent driver who ruined being counted due to his comeback.

    And as I said, those are drivers who won a race in every full season. If you are only looking at their first full season, and depending whether you discount Indy, there will be plenty more.

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