DRS/non-DRS speedtrap data

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    A while back I started this thread: http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/groups/f1/forum/topic/tyre-data-after-qualifying/

    One thing that frustrates me quite a bit has been how speedtrap data is all based on DRS-open laps, given that DRS open gives you straightline speed. As such, the speedtrap rating on DRS-open laps always beats the DRS-closed rating anyways.

    Why not measure both? ie have both data sets available to the public, rather than just 1 public “speedtrap” column. ie the quickest speed the car attained at the speedtrap checkpoint, given that their DRS was opened, vs if their DRS had not been opened since the last braking point.

    It won’t do much in qualifying given that nobody does timed laps without DRS, but it should add a whole new dimension to analysing the straightline performance of cars through Free Practice data.

    I just hope teams won’t start “flashing” their DRS open for 1 tenth along the straight to avoid letting people capture their DRS-closed speedtrap rating. Not much point in doing that mind you – the teams all know each other’s straightline speeds sans DRS anyways.




    In Valencia qualifying we had a unique situation where two cars of the same team had differing DRS fortunes. Mark Webber apparently had DRS failure, and he clocked in 311.3 while his teammate only did a 312.2.

    That’s only a difference of 0.9kph with DRS open/closed, and it was quite clear that Red Bull were gearing the car for better race pace rather than qualifying pace.

    We need more of this!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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