Earthquake hits N Italy incl Modena

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    i am very far from the epicentre of the earthquake (150-200 km, i live near Monza) and it was unusually strong. when i woke up my bed was shaking, but here there are no important damages, unluckily there are some victims in the towns and villages closer to the centre of the quake. I don’t know if there are damages even in Modena and Maranello, but the ScuderiaFerrari twitter account doesn’t mention anything…



    I live in Milan and I woke up a little after 4 as a long (and quite strong) shake occurred. As I was sleeping I probably didn’t feel it all, but it was the strongest I’ve ever felt. Despite being very sleepy, I realised there were going to be more shakes, and indeed some minutes after a shorter and less powerful one happened. I then went back to sleep and I think there was another, smaller one some time after.
    I heard that damages include old buildings near the epicentre, so I don’t think the Mugello or Fiorano circuits should be damaged.



    This is all over the news.Horrible. Best wishes from Latvia!

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