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    Force Maikel


    Mine is simply based on the placing of the number on the F138, seeing as next year drivers can choose their own number, I have changed Alonsos 3 and Massas 4 with the legendary number 27. I cheekily stole the idea from @andae23 ;-)


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    Fab F1


    Well to be frank, I became a greatest fan of F1 only because of Force India, after they came into F1. So just showing that support to the team…


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    My new avatar, like my old one, is a photo I took from when I went to Silverstone last year when I was in the paddock!


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    >no explanation necessary<


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    Mine is fellow countryman António Félix da Costa testing for Red Bull Racing.


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    Prisoner Monkeys


    After a couple of months with the cover art for QOTSA’s “… Like Clockwork”, I have gone back to Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle.

    If you have not seen the show, do yourself a massive favour and gets your hands on it. It starts out as this fun, slightly goofy crime-comedy until the second-season episode “Sucker Punch”. I won’t reveal what happens, but it delves into the series’ mythology and by the end, nothing is the same again. The third-season finale, “Knockout”, may just be the best episode of television you will ever see.


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    It’s me drinking a beer at the Hungaroring. In 2011.

    After 13 years of following JB and on my fifth visit to Grand Prix, I FINALLY got to watch him podium. And on the top step. A proper happy day for me.


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    Piotr Koteryl


    Mine is a combination of the British and Polish flags – I’m British and my girlfriend is Polish – and the number 7 is for my favourite driver on the grid, Kimi Raikkonen.


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    Fernando Alonso, driving the PS01 back in 2001! Amazing beautiful car, you can see it in Madrid till may 2014. Best 7 euro spending, believe me!

    And, thank you for accepting me in this great web :)

    Hurray, Minardi! Run, Alonso, Run!!!


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    I recently re-watched the 2000 season and I genuinely felt so nostalgic seeing Schumi, Mika and David fight for the championship. Plus the scarlet Ferrari does look rather beautiful in my eyes.


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    Djangles LeVaughn


    Rule ⑨ of the internet: If it exists, there is a Touhou version of it. And that’s exactly what my avatar is. Marisa Kirisame in F1 overalls.


    I found a pic which I only slightly edited. It’s Vettel at Milton Keynes last year, celebrating the 4th championship, but the interesting detail is that in the pic you can only see the “V” and not the full “IV”. I guess it can be a foreseeing pic about the outcome this year, no matter how many double or triple points FIA wants to establish, he can win with a couple of races left, as he has already shown twice… or he can recover from 3rd in the WDC to 1st in the last race (I would laugh so hard if he gets it because of the double-points rule), as in 2010, or he can recover from a massive crash in the last race, as in 2012… well, he can do it and I want to believe he WILL do it again this 2014. My support will stay without watching the races, but not all can be perfect right?


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    Craig Woollard


    My new avatar, is none other than James Hinchcliffe, IndyCar driver!


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    Mines not really anything special, but it’s the same ‘avatar’ pic I use for my YouTube account.


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    New for 2014 helmet of AFC.

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