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F1 discussion

F1 2010 Patch

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    M Sakr

    The patch for F1 2010 is now available to download for PS3 users. Any news about the XBOX and PC patches?

    Did anyone try playing the game after downloading the patch? I hope the game bugs got fixed.

    Avatar of TrueF1Grit

    Apparantley they are. I downloaded it earlier but it’s hard to tell for bugs such as AI not pitting during 20%+ races as they could happen at any time. Anyone had any problems since downloading the patch?

    Avatar of Bradley Downton
    Bradley Downton

    How do i download it?

    Avatar of irishlad

    is it called a software update, if so i downloaded it.

    Avatar of M Sakr
    M Sakr

    Yes, the patch is the software update

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    I’ve had moments when I have found myself waiting ages to get out of my gargage, as I wait for other cars to pass through. But then on other occassions, I have just driven out of my pitbox right in front of other drivers.

    Avatar of RIISE

    I hope it fixes the Monaco glitch, come out of the pits, another driver comes between the yellow lines and smashes right into the back of you. Then you get a penalty…

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    Some people think the patch isn’t great Although they can’t have had much time to try it and some seem to be getting worked up over what the original poster said more than anything.


    Its been 48 hrs now, please donít bother Codemasters, no doubt you have been attending another halloween party, you have totally forgotten about the people that made you who you are

    F1 2010 is buggy and hopefully you will get whats coming to you and I will laugh when it happens :D

    If you donít have the good manners to give the name of your lead tester (so we can throttle him) then you are scum in my book

    Good luck sharing cocktails with Bernie and Anthony Davidson while at tehe same time treating like excrement the people that made your game famous

    bless you

    Avatar of Journeyer

    People seem to like the patch on the forums, though, MG. There’s still some issues, but most major issues have been solved they say.

    MS patches (XBOX/PC) should be out today.

    Avatar of SouthAussie94

    Is the patch for PC’s available yet? If so where can it be downloaded?

    @ Journeyer, MG was making fun of a comment having a go at Keith in the comments of yesterdays Round Up and its most likely got actually nothing to do with Codemasters

    Avatar of Journeyer

    Oh. Thanks MPJ. Got really confused for a second there. :)

    Avatar of GeeMac

    Wow there is a lot of rage on that Codemasters forum!

    As much as the game frustrates me at times (particularly when the AI seem to be able to lap 5 seconds a lap faster in the race than they could in quali, relegating you from a possible top 5 finish to last place) I do love it to bits and I will be playing it every moment I can, work and girlfriend permitting! Codemasters have done a great job, and yes there are faults, but there are faults with almost every game on the market, why should an F1 game be any different?

    Avatar of damonsmedley

    How big is the download and how long does it take to install? I haven’t turned the PS3 on in a while, but I don’t want to wait all night for it to update when I do want to play it.

    Avatar of Journeyer

    35MB for PS3, damon. Not sure for the others.

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