f1 2011 driver’s ranking

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    i don’t know how many of you have a personal database rating and ranking f1 drivers. i follow f1 since 1989 and have seen every race since 1994, but only now i am creating this database for myself, mostly to be consistent with who i think has done well relative to his car. when rating someone’s performance, qualifying has a certain weight, but it is mostly the race performance that is taken into account. I start from a 6,0 and good moves, constant fast lap times and strategic brilliance can make the grade up to 10,0. Errors or simply poor peformance (sometimes relative to the other team member) will get the grade down.
    this season, as a reference, i’ve seen two memorable performances: lewis in china and jenson in canada have earned 10,0s. the list of fantastic performances (9,5) goes as follows: kobayashi in turkey, hamilton in spain, vettel at monaco, schumacher in canada, hamilton in germany, schumacher at spa, and vettel in monza.
    worst performances: webber, heidfeld and karthikeyan in australia, maldonado in china, schumacher in turkey, massa in spain, karthikeyan in valencia, d’ambrosio in hungary, liuzzi in monza, alguersuari & petrov in singapore, d’ambrosio in korea and trulli in abu dhabi.
    having given you my view and standards, here is my year’s ranking so far (75% mean, 10% last 3 races = tendency and 15% best three races = brilliance):

    1. vettel 8,10
    2. alonso 7,75
    3. hamilton 7,44
    4. button 7,43
    5. kovalainen 7,34

    6. buemi 6,81
    7. perez 6,75
    8. sutil 6,74
    9. schumacher 6,73
    10. alguersuari 6,70
    11. di resta 6,70
    12. kobayashi 6,57
    13. glock 6,53
    14. rosberg 6,53
    15. ricciardo 6,49
    16. webber 6,23

    17. barrichello 5,93
    18. petrov 5,88
    19. maldonado 5,85
    20. liuzzi 5,79
    21. trulli 5,78
    22. massa 5,70
    23. senna 5,37
    24. d’ambrosio 5,32

    brazilians and italians towards the south of the ranking, i guess.

    any thoughts?



    Buemi 6th? He’s been average throughout most of the races.
    Rosberg only 14th? His performances at China deserves at least a 9,5 imo.

    Trullie higher than Massa?

    Doesn’t sound right to me.



    I do have a spreadsheet of F1 results, but it doesn’t contain my own ratings, just the finishing positions. I use it to calculate things like mean, median, mode, standard deviation, trends, and so on. Firstly, I find it interesting, as I am a maths and statistics geek, and secondly, it helps with the F1 prediction competition I enter (and run) on another forum.

    So, I have to draw my own conclusions about who has done the best and the worst this season, but the numbers are a big help. Here’s a stab at it:

    Good season:
    di Resta

    Decent season:

    Poor season:



    @kingshark that’s the “funny” thing… I also perceive it differently over the season, but these are the numbers in my own evaluation. and from buemi to ricciardo, the ranking is changing every week, because they are very close. hamilton has also been better than perceived.
    and i gave rosberg an 8,0 in china, he was doing really well but at the end there was a slight strategic error and he lost his tyres.

    Here are my 9,0s:
    Australia: Perez & Petrov
    Malaysia: Heidfeld
    China: Kovalainen & Webber
    Turkey: Vettel
    Great Britain: Alonso
    Germany: Sutil
    Hungary: Buemi
    Belgium: Vettel & Button
    Japan: Button
    Korea: Vettel, Alguersuari & Kovalainen
    India: Vettel

    By the way, @estesark, Bruno Senna has been the most constant driver (stand dev 0,88), followed by Alonso (0,97), Rosberg (1,01) and Barrichello (1,05). Glock, Di Resta and Sutil have also been very consistent.
    Schumacher has been the most inconsistent (stand dev 1,74), closely followed by Alguersuari and Hamilton (both 1,73). Webber (1,61) and even Button (1,58) fill the bill, too.


    Prisoner Monkeys

    Bruno Senna has been the most constant driver

    Consistent, yes.

    But impressive? Not so much – he is regularly out-qualified and out-raced by Vitaly Petrov.



    I agree @Prisoner Monkeys! Senna and Barrichello’s consistencies this season is rather bad. Rosberg’s consitency is not that good either, Alonso is impressive though.


    Alianora La Canta

    I used to have a driver ranking system spreadsheet. I dropped it when I couldn’t fathom why it kept parking de la Rosa and Salo at the top of the performance listing…



    good ol’ salo…



    @magon4: Where did you get those figures from? In my spreadsheet, Vettel and Webber have the lowest standard deviations at 0.87, followed by Alonso at 1.62, then Massa, Button and Ricciardo at 1.73. Senna is way down at 2.51, with finishes of 13th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 13th, 12th and 16th. I double-checked them and got the same result, so I think you’ve made a wrong turn somewhere.

    Besides, I wasn’t basing my entire judgement on standard deviation! :)



    No no @estesark, i wasn’t talking about the actual hard data, more about my own rating system. It’s the stand dev of each grade each driver got from me, so it is based purely on my perception.



    Ah, I see! Sorry, I got the strong end of the wick.

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