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F1 2013 cars in old liveries


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    Just found these and just thought I’d post them here. Some of these look rather good.

    Not sure if they’ve been posted before, but, eh here you go.

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    Piotr Koteryl

    I was just about to post these – a very good find!

    Though I can see the reasoning behind it (health directives etc), I believe very strongly that we now have much less distinctive liveries now than we did back in the days of tobacco advertising.

    Some teams (Lotus especially) have tried to revive the spirit of those old liveries, but they are just missing…something – I’m not entirely sure what.


    My personal favourite livery of all time.

    Profile photo of PhilEReid

    I agree, the Jordan then, and how it looks on the car now, is fantastic. Both the old McLaren and Williams liveries look fantastic on the 2013 car in my opinion, especially the McLaren one. I would still love to see the Jordan one back though. It’s one of the reasons I loved the 2010 Renault so much, because the colours reminded me of this.

    Profile photo of matt90

    I think when we look back in twenty years time, some of the current liveries will have become iconic. The problem is that the best ones on the grid have been around for so long that they’ve gone stale to some of us (I wonder if people ever thought that about JPS Lotus or Marlboro McLaren though?), and the ones which change most often are regularly indistinct and bland ones such as Sauber and Williams. I think both McLaren and Red Bull are pretty decent liveries- McLaren for the uniqueness of the chrome with effective red highlights, and Red Bull (prior to this year’s purple sheen) for the simple primary colours. Force India have also been fairly nice.

    Unfortunately sometimes decent liveries do appear, but are forgettable because they are on backmarkers or ugly cars- take Caterham and last year’s HRT. Alternatively, otherwise nice liveries are ruined with silly little touches like the red front and rear endplates that used to be on Lotus- now at least by adding a dollop of red to the body those don’t look so out of place, although the nose of the car still looks broken. Having 2 cars driving around in a similar but duller livery to Red Bull doesn’t help the overall colour of the grid either.

    Profile photo of Max Jacobson
    Max Jacobson

    I do like Red Bull’s livery, and I did initially like the purple “lightening up” the car. Now looking back I just wish they pd retained the initial livery – the Red Bull stickers were also better than the Infiniti ones I would say!

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    Looking at that Jordan livery, I’ve come over all misty eyed. A thing of beauty that is. It’s also my new desktop wallpaper. Great find @philereid.

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    I always loved in the Official F1 2001 game when you looked in your mirrors and the first thing you see is the shark on the front of the Jordan :D

    Profile photo of PhilEReid

    Ah, thank you Kieth!

    Profile photo of Max Jacobson
    Max Jacobson

    There is also I believe a popularity contest to make additions on Top Gear’s Facebook page in the comments section: I would personally like to see the Toleman TG184 or a Lotus 25 livery!

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    @david-a Yes! And remember Jordan had Hissing Sid in 1997 and the hornet from ’98 to 2000? Brilliant nose art!

    Profile photo of Keith Collantine
    Keith Collantine


    I would personally like to see the Toleman TG184

    Here you go!

    How four classic F1 liveries might look on today’s cars

    Profile photo of Nick

    The Tyrrell looks a bit plain. If I’d be skilled at all, I’d devote some time in putting old liveries on the cars in F1 2012 or something, but the Codemasters games aren’t as easy to mod as the old Grand Prix series games.

    Profile photo of Meander

    I think they all look insanely cool. Even the plain ones.

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