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    It still amazes me that with all the money, resources and political power that Ferrari have, they continue to under-achieve year upon year.



    @magnificent-geoffrey I’d say the same goes for Williams…

    If you look at the budgets, you could also kind of say that Sauber relates in a similar way to Williams as Lotus does to Ferrari, being ‘team that really should not be able to get those results that with that kind of budget’ to ‘Historic name that has a large budget, but usually screws it all up’.



    60,000,000 Euro from Philip Morris for Ferrari !!! What does they expect in return???



    What political power? This isn’t 2002 anymore. Red Bull are by far the most political team on the grid, and have been so since 2011 with Mateschitz, Horner and Marko dominating the political aspect of Formula 1. Mercedes too have recently gained a lot of political power with Brawn, Wolff, and Lauda in charge. Ferrari don’t really have anyone political anymore, and are now perhaps only the 3rd most powerful team in F1.

    Regarding the budgets, I’m surprised to see Williams and McLaren that high, and Lotus so low.

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