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    If you could choose the F1 classics for the Red Button which would you choose?

    (for non UK viewers who won’t know what I’m talking about every GP weekend a driver picks classic GPs to be played on the BBC’s red button and it’s on their website too)



    Australia ’96. Monaco ’96. Jerez ’97. Spa ’98. Germany and Spa ’00. Australia ’02. San Marino and Suzuka ’05. Anything later than that, I have on DVD so… :P


    Dan Thorn

    Hungary 06, Monaco 96, Jerez 97, Monza 88 and Europe 07. I think they’re different to the ones I said on Twitter yesterday, but I don’t care!



    Australia 2003, Belgium 2004, Japan 2005, Brazil 2006, Japan 2008



    Monaco 1982, Europe 1999, Australia 2002, Belgium 2008, Turkey 2010.



    Suzuka 05, Germany 00, Europe 99, Monaco 96, South Africa 83. Full highlights for the last one.



    Il try and spread it about a bit, chronologically speaking as most of the current F1 drivers seem to have races from the last 20years or so. And whilst i wasnt alive for some, heres my 5

    1) British GP 1955 – Moss’s first win & 1st British driver to win the British GP. Whether Fangio let him win or not is debatable but consigned to history.

    2) Italian GP 1969 – Close finish with 0.19seconds splitting Stewart, Rindt, Beltoise & Mclaren. Probably the closest 1-2-3-4 finish in F1 history.

    3) Canadian GP 1978 – Villeneuves first win, in his own countries GP and marks the 1st BBC showing of Formula 1 (till 1996)

    4) British GP 1986 – Firstly it was at Brands Hatch, which being located in my Village (despite the location given as a neighbouring village, i can assure you its not actually part of it) makes it a special place to me, and was the last GP held here. But won by ‘Our Nige’ too.

    5) Spa 1998 – The race that had it all. Big pileup, Rain, Pitlane confrontations, collisions, good racing, team orders, good looking F1 cars (IMO) and V10 engines.

    *Disclaimer – This list wasnt intentionally done with a heavy British bias, I really was just trying to use ones that meant something to me or ones i really like to rewatch (if possible)



    1996 Monaco Grand Prix

    1997 Jerez Grand Prix (with Qualifying highlights!)

    1998 Belgian Grand Prix

    2008 British Grand Prix

    2011 Chinese Grand Prix



    Nurburgring 1999

    Hockenheim 2000

    Brazil 2001

    Britian 2003

    Hungary 2006

    It’d be hilarious if a driver picked Bahrain 2010. :)



    Spa 95, 98, 2000, 2008

    Hungary 98

    Suzuka 89, 90, 00, 05

    Interlagos 03, 08

    Nurburgring (european GP) 2007

    Spain 96

    Montecarlo 96,97

    these are the classics I remember by heart, there’s more I’m sure. Spa and Suzuka seem to prevail (the other years usually generate almost-classics, like montreal)

    from those I haven’t seen never, just heard about it French GP 79 and Monaco 82 are the ones I would waste my time watching, for sure.



    yeah, like kingshark pointed out Nurburgring 99, Hockeneim 2000 (I would add France 99 or is it 2000? won by Frentzen) are also classics I would re-watch



    Wouldn’t be surprised if Alonso would pick Bahrain ’10 Kingshark.


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