F1 Dissertation, please help!

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    Hi there.

    My name is Justin Browne and i’m a 3rd year Marketing student in the UK. I am currently writing my Dissertation on Market expansion and the value perception in Formula 1 and i really need your help. I have written a short, 10 question, questionnaire which it would be great and a real help if you could fill out.It will take literally no longer then 5 minutes at most, as most of the questions are multiple choice. Its your views as fans that i’m really after.

    Just a little bit of background. The subject of the questionnaire, as I mentioned, is market expansion and the value perception and what i am really interested in is the notion that expansion of the sport into new countries and new markets across the world can add value to the experiences of the fans, to the investment of broadcasters and also sponsors. So the questions are based around the fans and asking about how you perceive the value you get from being involved and whether this comes, at least in part, from its growing expansion. The survey is completely anonymous and there is no request for any type of personal information such as name or age etc.

    If you could take the 5 minutes it will take to just quickly give your opinions that would be great. Anything else you think of that you don’t think is covered then feel free to post a reply and i will respond and your opinion may even be included in the work, completely anonymously of course. also any feedback on the questionnaire, or anything, would be great and really helpful.


    Thankyou very much for your time



    Done, although you maybe should add a caveat to the price of attendance as I am lucky enough to often be invited as a corporate guest, rare yes but would add an extra dimension as F1 is as much about business as about the sport.



    Thankyou very much for taking time to fill in my survey and respond. I understand that this is definitely a different dimension. You are very lucky to be invited as a corporate guest. If you wouldn’t mind, could you give me your opinion on how you value the experience when you attend in this way. This would be very helpful in offering a different perspective to my research. If you are not happy doing this through this thread then my personal email is justinbrowne1@hotmail.co.uk , and i don’t mind you contacting me privately through this, as i don’t believe there is a PM system on this forum.






    Consider it done!



    I’d like people to do it if I was in the same boat, so I’ve done it.



    Please take your conclusions to Bernie Ecclestone so that he sees what we think about the new races!



    I’ve done it, good luck!



    Done. There was a very interesting Case study of the Jordan F1 team that I worked on when I was in B-School. It was a case published either by HBS or INSEAD, and they had a lot of information of all the different stakeholders within the F1 circus. There was a lot of data, charts and statistics on broadcasting licenses, F1 team’s revenue management, event/race promoters, etc. You should try and google scholar it.. I’m sure it would help you out.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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