F1 drivers and the media: Who is Jake Humphrey talking about?

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    Based on what I’ve seen on the BBC, the only ones I can think of are Alonso (who can be incredibly curt and moody when things aren’t going his way, but then again, so can all the drivers), Nock Hidefield, Sutil and Trulli.



    Maybe actually the BBC are scared of Nock after what he said in, I think, the 2009 Japanese Grand Prix :P



    Hamilton would be my guess, although the BBC have always seemed to go out of their way to talk to him anyway.

    I dont think being dismissive of the media is neccessarily a bad thing, in the end if you can do it it’s another string to your bow, if not then you just have to do your talking on-track.



    I thought that was a bit unprofessional from Jake, passive-aggressive. If you can’t say who directly, don’t mention it at all. I remember when Adam Cooper (I think) was complaining that Hamilton wouldn’t elaborate on a question, after he’d spent the last two weeks criticising him. Well I wonder why…maybe this is why you rarely hear a bad word about Button, he’s always giving interviews and having lunch with the press, good on him but I question if this is the reaction to different drivers’ personal wishes by journalists.



    I’d say Alonso would definitely be one of them.

    Brundle made a similar comment about him in qualifying at Turkey either this year or last year, something like “he’s as difficult as sod to interview.”



    It is probably Hamilton. He always comes across as arrogant and entitled. It’s probably from being given everything he wants from a young age.

    I believe Alonso and Schumacher have deals with their respective national broadcasters which is why we don’t get to hear much from them on the BBC.

    Difficult is not the same as arrogant.


    Don Mateo

    Really it could be any of them, I imagine they’re all capable of being right little prima donnas given a chance. For me Alonso is the most obvious though, he’s always come across as arrogant and not really willing to speak to the media, at least not the British media. That might be a hangover from his time at McLaren if it is the case. He might be different with the Spanish media, although I’ve seen Spanish TV coverage, and I don’t remember seeing him behave any differently.

    Schumacher never used to come across well, but since his comeback he’s actually seemed a lot more likeable.

    As I say, some drivers might be totally different depending on who’s interviewing them – they may be more than willing to talk to their own national media but be far less bothered about talking to journalists from other countries.

    Of course, some of the drivers might consider the media to be an annoying distraction from the business of racing cars, but without anyone telling us plebs about their exploits and creating interest, they wouldn’t have a job racing cars in the first place!



    “I could imagine Massa being grumpy after races or quali and not wanting to speak, Hamilton doesn’t talk on the grids usually, and probably would have excluded himself even more post race because of his form.”

    Jake gave an interview during his first season for F1 Racing where he said he found Massa one of the most pleasing to talk to.

    Alonso doesn’t give a damn what the media thinks of him -at least any more- so he’s probably one but he does come off quite well during the BBC features and seems to try to have a bit of fun.

    I’m not sure tbh. It could be anyone and although it’s great for the fans when they do talk to the media I can understand that they must get sick of being constantly asked the same questions.



    Hamilton seems to have boundries, doesn’t talk a huge amount outside the obligated around crunch times at the race because his mind is on other things, but he seems perfectly happy to do features for the BBC, and clearly doesn’t take himself to seriously off track, perfectly happy to do something silly. Throws one hell of strop though.

    Alonso don’t give a damn clearly, but if it’s some entitled media tit like Jake Humphrey whose judging, I wouldn’t give a damn either.

    Massa gets on one, really seems to dislike Hamilton, with some justification but the mans always taken everything so personally, this is racing, get over it. Other than that, does seem alright.

    I don’t really know, tbh.



    Heidfeld talked to them in Malaysia on the forum I think


    Becken Lima

    It is clear that he´s referring to Hamilton. Despite his sense of persecution from English press, Fernando was surprisingly open with Jake when he visited Maranello some weeks ago. Fernando even gave to Jake another good interview last weekend.

    Jake seems to love Jenson, who have a close relantioship with Coulthard and maybe with the entire BBC team. So, it is not Jenson here…

    I believe that is Hamilton because he is getting bad articles from James Allen, Will Buxton, Adam Cooper (who complained that Lewis dind’t collaborate to the press in the Italian GP) and – week in week out – from Edd Strawn in Autosport.

    Strawn seems to hate him to the core…

    It looks like a pattern.

    Even Lee McKenzie looks irritated with Lewis:

    “…The irony is that although Hamilton seems to be publicly beating himself up about his performances, if anyone else asks about his comings-together with Felipe Massa, Pastor Maldonado, Kamui Kobayashi or any other incident, then they are deemed the bad guys.

    The guy has had a tough season, there’s no doubt about that. He has always carried a huge reputation and when another young gun like Sebastian Vettel rocks up and wins back-to-back world championships, then he’s bound to wonder why he’s not in that situation.

    Also, he’s in the rare position (for him) of being beaten by a team-mate, and his perceived persecution by the stewards has not helped his mindset either.

    Whether he has problems in his personal life – as has been reported – is not really any of our business, although it’s more difficult not to bring it into the equation when he is so publicly downbeat – even after taking a stunning pole position and breaking the Red Bull season-long run at Yeongam…”

    She wrote this in Autosport this week.

    Among the big guys, only Joe Saward looks neutral with Lewis right now.

    In short, yeah, it is Lewis.



    My guess is Jarno Trulli, never a happy face except when he runs off, didn’t you see in qualifying?!



    I can’t edit my post, so just to add: I mean runs off from Jake, not the circuit..



    Alonso is the first name that came to me.



    IIRC Mansell was reluctant to speak to the media. Regarding current drivers, I have no idea.

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