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Track designing contest

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    rob lomas

    A simple track design competition which I thought up just now.

    Please note this is just to see how much demand there is and if there is sufficient demand it shall be up and running by 12:00 pm GMT

    Round 1:Basingstoke:Browny
    Round 2:Caloundra:Kingshark
    Round 3:Regina:Polishboy808
    Round 4:Poland:Geemac
    Round 5:Johanesburg:Browny
    Round 6:Australia:Sbewers
    Round 7:U.K:Ande23
    Round 8:Seoul:Browny
    Round 9:Somewhere difficult:Prisoner Monkey
    Round 10:Revenge of the NIMBY’s:Ande23
    Round 11:Nordschlife:Sam3310
    Round 12:Classic Europe:Rob Lomas
    Round 13:Tickledrome:Matt90
    Round 14:South England:Prisoner Monkey
    Round 15:Rovals:Kingshark
    Round 16:Holiday Favourite:Matt90
    Round 17:U.K Circuit:Kingshark
    Round 18:Monaco:Roblomas
    Round 19:Foreign Nordschlife:?

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    A simple track design competition which I thought up just now.

    Just like the one over at F1 Rejects.

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    bit too vague right now. could be fun though.

    Profile photo of rob lomas
    rob lomas

    @PrisonerMonkeys yes
    Also if you are on the forum what is your username ( mine is roblomas52)

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    Sounds fun. I’ll join this contest.

    I do sometimes make circuits in my spare time. Here’s a picture of one of my earliest designs:


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    Profile photo of rob lomas
    rob lomas

    here are the rules
    1:To enter,simply post a direct link to your track fitting to the theme be it on Google Maps or a photo or whatnot on this very page before the deadline.

    2:One track per user.

    3:Deadline will be set to two weeks after each contest starts.

    4:Tracks are based on themes.The “winner” for each round will decide on his own theme.Winners and failures are decided by votes.

    to start with the first round shall be in my home town of Basingstoke

    the track must be built in the desegnated area between 3.5km and 8 km
    have fun

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    How do put my map here?

    Profile photo of rob lomas
    rob lomas

    @GeeMac maybe i should have made the first part clearer but the track can only be inside the blue bit on this
    other than that anything goes

    Profile photo of matt90

    Oh so close to getting to do a track around my hometown of Hook.

    @roblo97 Do we design this based on the actual existing roads? Meaning, do we consider whether roads are wide enough, or just simply go for our favourite shape based on the non-satellite image?

    Profile photo of GeeMac

    @roblo97 Oh I see!

    I’m having a slow day at work, so I’ll take some of that action. I’ve based the track right at the bottom of the allotted area.

    Profile photo of Nick

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Here’s my ‘Someone left the old Hockenheimring in the oven’ track! Shame the roads weren’t a little more co-operative, but it looks nice and would be high speed.

    Profile photo of matt90

    Here’s mine:
    I wanted to include a few sections that I know from driving the area, such as the fast first corner, which is a downhill sweep onto the roundabout, them uphill sweep off it, quickly followed by a hairpin as a ‘true’ first corner. I originally wanted this slightly further along the road, but had to shorten it to be within the 8km limit. It the drops down again to the roundabout before heading into slightly more residential roads. There’s a kink on this straight before a 90 degree left, which leads into a nice downhill run, with a fast left and faster right. The next corner is a little sharper to ensure that every time the circuit encounters a roundabout, they are treated differently. The next straight has a fast sweep in it, and then reaches the very fast, uphill corkscrew. The following corner is double-apex, and the final corners are a slow chicane to break up the long straights either side. The track is very high speed, with 4 straights over 1km in length, but all have bends/kinks to make them more interesting for drivers, and visually for TV viewers. The only real problem is the roads being a bit narrow between the 2nd and 3rd km markers.

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    This is mine.

    Around, through and across a lake. It is 5.1271 km km long, hence would do about 60 laps to complete correct race distance. It is also a relatively fast and flowing circuit. The start-finish line is the straight on Albert Street.

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