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    Also located somewhere in the Swiss Alps, since naught was said about demolishing houses and the like, I figured some people could relocate.


    Djangles LeVaughn

    Entries for this round have proven slow. Guess I’ll end it and decide a winner before this thread soon plummets into the murky depths of the archives. Ahem…

    And the winner is…..

    PhilEReid for his Swiss circuit set on a mountain instead of next to one. Looks like it has plenty of undulation blind crests.



    @philereid your turn ;)



    Sorry, hadn’t realised! Thanks for the win @royal-spark! :) And thank you @vmaxmuffin for the reminder!

    Right scenario: You’ve all been given a huge amount of money. It’s pretty much unlimited. And you’ve been tasked to design a track (shock horror). Now, the people who have given you the job have requested six things that the track must accommodate. The first is that the track must be built within 5 miles of a main road, or rather an important road. The second is the track must be within 30 miles of a major town or city that has an airport. The third, and for the track itself, it must incorporate at least three straights of 500-750m each, but none of these straights can have a hairpin leading onto them, however one of them at least must end in a hairpin. The fourth is that the track must be between 5.5km and 7km long. The fifth and final point is that the track must have between 14-17 corners, inclusive. The final point is that the track must be in a country with a track that is currently on the F1 calender.

    So, to summarise:

    – 5 miles off main road.
    – 30 miles near a town or city with airport.
    – 3 straights of 500-750m each, no hairpin leading onto them, one with a hairpin off of it (can be more).
    – 5.5-7km in length
    – 14-17 corners.
    – In same country of current F1 track.

    Good luck and entries will end, depending on the number of entries, in 3 days (if there are quite a few, I’ll extend it).



    Also, just to clarify. It must be at least 3 straights, there can be more and these others can be of all lengths and the 3 straights can all have hairpins ending them, just there must be at least one.


    Jack Silver

    So here is my circuit; a bit shorter at 5.039 km, so it will include 61 laps. At the Dunsfold Aerodrome and incorporates some of the TOP GEAR TEST TRACK! The grandstands are in rough but eventually there will be room for around 100000 (25000 permanent)

    Top Gear Test Track Grand Prix Circuit



    Here we are, the Scottish Grand Prix circuit around Glasgow Airport: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6289414



    @mathers Isn’t that airport in use? Also, I’m not getting a track show up, just a single point.

    Also, the track doesn’t have to be at an airport, just 30 miles from a city with an airport. @jacksilver The corner count isn’t correct either, so I can’t accept that track. :) And to clarify, doesn’t have to be on an airport.



    Since the Long Beach GP doesn’t seem to be working out, here is the Grand Prix of Florida. The track is just over the minimum length and has 17 corners (I don’t count the two small kinks just before the 5 km marker).




    Cordoba, Spain.


    Info: (don’t ask me why the mile markers are messed up..)

    (links are pictures)

    Relative to airfield:



    Guanzhou, China (featuring some sections from an entry I made a while back). I counted 15 corners.



    Also worth the mention, the 5km section in my entry is supposed to go under the bridge above it twice



    OK, here’s mine:

    As an alternative to the proposed and supposedly-going-ahead-next-year New Jersey GP, here’s one in New York State on Barren Island (which is no longer an island, due to land filling being done). The former-island was made into an airport, but was eventually closed and is now almost entirely abandoned (it is very close to JFK), used only as parkland and camping grounds, and apparently it is also used as the site of an airshow.

    I see this track as being like Silverstone in concept (built on an abandoned airbase), possibly also a bit like Albert Park (a track in parklands)… interpret it how you want.

    It is a 6.1km clockwise track with 17 turns, link here: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6289992

    Here is an image showing the pit lane, corner numbering and 4 straights (one of which is longer, but there are 3 of the 500-750m length). The straight between turns 8 and 9 ends with a hairpin.

    New York State Barren Island GP



    @pezlo2013 Is the winner this time! I think the track is quite interesting, and it is situated in a good place. Your turn!



    Thanks @philereid!

    Given the fact that the Indy GP & 500 are coming up shortly, your challenge is to design a ‘road-course’ inside an oval that doesn’t currently have one in use. Here are some rules:
    -It can be any oval in the world that’s at least 2 miles (3.2km) lomg
    -Must be between 4.5 and 6km long
    -Cannot Use Indianapolis
    -Cannot build outside the oval
    -You can use up to 2km of the oval in your entry
    -The S/F line must stay the same, however you cannot use tracks like Las Vegas and Iowa where the main straight is curving
    -It must have a 700m-1.1km straight, after either the 3rd, 6th, or 9th corner, and cannot be on the oval itself
    -Your design must contain 1 (only 1) classified corner of the oval

    Regarding Corners
    4.5-5km – 17-19 corners
    5-5.5km – 14-16 corners
    5.5-6km – 13-15 corners

    Bonuses if you can create a world renowned corner or series of corners, or only using the pit straight of your oval (and 1 corner) in your design.

    Have Fun, you have until Free Practice 1 at Catalunya

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