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    Parcours de la France, just outside Paris.
    5km, 19 turns



    Looks like I forgot to pick the winner yesterday. There doesn’t seem to be many entries, but the winner is @philereid because the layout looks interesting and it has some overtaking opportunities as well as some nice, fast corners.



    @retardedf1sh Shame that there were not that many entries. Still, I’ll take the win, and hopefully there are more around this time.

    So, Bernie has decided that he wants a new street circuit located somewhere in a major city in Europe. All roads used for this circuit must be, or must be able to be, 3 lanes wide, with a preference of 4 wide.


    – Must have no more than 18
    – Must have more than 10 corners
    – Must be between 3.5 and 6km in length
    – The city must have an airport, or an airport within 20 miles of the city, and it must be a realistic candidate in terms of attendance.

    Design away. Hopefully the rules are open enough that you can create some good tracks. This will end in 3 days from now, or later if there are quite a few entries. Good luck.



    5,4 km, anticlockwise, 18 corners



    Bear in mind that I’m posting this whilst there is still the bug in the forum where you can only view page 1, so I can’t check on the rules for this round. I think I’ve followed them though. So here’s my entry:

    Paris Grand Prix:
    18 corners

    Brief description of the lap:
    The lap starts on a nice and wide 650m straight, before braking into a 90° right-hander for Turn 1. Accelerating through the gears, the drivers sweep to the left for Turn 2 after the bridge and then flick right for Turn 3. They accelerate down the short straight before braking hard for the tight left-right chicane. Accelerating again, then a quick sweeper at Turn 6 that will require bravery, and then another short straight leads to the Arc de Triomphe. Turn 7 is a tight 90° left (leaving the rest of the roundabout’s width as run off) followed by the long Turn 8 around the roundabout, opening up into the Champs Élysées. This is an extremely wide 1.4km straight, which should certainly provide overtaking opportunities into turn 9, a 90° left. A short blast leads to the turn 10 hairpin, which is quickly followed by two sweeping flat-out turns. At the Place de la Concorde, the cars sweep right at high speed for turn 13 before the cars brake for a chicane (to slow the cars down due to lack of run off on the other side of the bridge). After the bridge, turn 16 leads onto a 600m straight, ending in a quick flick left before braking for the final chicane, turns 17 and 18.

    Pit lane:
    Built on the park next to the river, the road below is a few metres lower and the temporary hospitality buildings could be built on top of this.



    I’m going to end this one here. I think it has had a lack of entries due to not being able to see the rule set. So, this one goes to @vmaxmuffin whose track I think is excellent, and assuming the roads could be done in such a way that it wouldn’t be dangerous to use them, it would actually be a realistic event. Hopefully more people will enter for yours. It might be hard to judge the tracks if you can’t actually see them though.



    Thanks @philereid!

    Given the bugs in the forum at the moment, I’m going to make this a simple one with very limited rules.

    Basically, it’s free choice – make a track anywhere in the world.

    The only conditions are that it must be either a street circuit, street/permanent circuit hybrid or a circuit based at an airport (so no ‘completely new’ tracks in the middle of nowhere).

    Also, it must be somewhat realistic. No 20km Nordschleife-esque behemoths! As long as it’s within about 3.5-7.5km, wide enough (or with room to make the roads wider), has reasonably realistic room for run off and doesn’t destroy buildings, then it’s fine.

    I’ll pick a winner next Monday at 07:30 GMT (1700 ACST)




    4.72km clock-wise circuit, 13 corners. Turn 1 is exactly where the 2km mark is, the quick right hander. The pit lane is created in the area with all the grass. It would be to the right of the track, with the entrance to the pits coming directly off of the right hander (drivers must stay right to show they are entering). The pits rejoin at the entrance to turn 2.



    What should have been the Korean Grand Prix – Namsan Park Street Circuit (Hybrid)
    3.9km, a section featuring 12 of the 20 corners on the circuit

    Pit straight is the one with 2km on it

    Pit Lane (Inside of the track)



    5,3 km anticlockwise starting at the dot
    Alto da Serafina Circuit (Portugal GP)
    Fast esque-y challenging circuit, basically mini-Nordschleife :P



    Sorry I’m a day late but I’m going to pick @pezlo2013 as the winner!

    The track looked quite exciting, and whilst I don’t think the construction of the pit straight would be practical (it looks to be quite hilly) I think it was still a great overall design (and I wasn’t going to be too harsh on practicality for this one anyway :P).

    So, over to you!



    @vmaxmuffin thanks! I’m sure we can do a bit of land scaping to fix that ;)


    Next Up,I’m sending you guys to design a ‘street circuit’ in South East Asia to contest with the Singapore Grand Prix. It can not be in Singapore for obvious reasons. Here is the list of countries you can use: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southeast_Asia (Excluding Singapore)

    So here are the rules:
    – It must be between 4 and 6 kilometers long
    – It must be a minimum of 2 and a half lanes wide, unless anything less can be widened
    – It should have a minimum of 13, and a maximum of 19 corners, and anywhere inbetween (I’ll even allow you to label chicanes as 8a and 8b etc, like the corkscrew at Laguna Seca if need be)
    – You an have up to 1.5km of new roads, as long as no buildings/parks are destroyed, or bridges longer than 250 meters are built.
    – A 900-1100m straight for overtaking, and it must have adequate space for a run-off.

    Your circuit must also feature at least 2 of the following
    – A section of 4+ Esses
    – An anti-clockwise direction
    – 2 turns at one intersection (Turns 7 and 14 at Singapore for example)
    – Maximum of three 90 degree corners
    – Minimum of 1 roundabout
    – A corner reminiscent of any other corner on the current F1 Calendar
    Kudos to you if you can incorporate all of them

    I will probably announce the winner not until this weekend, probably on Sunday Morning UK time.

    Have Fun!



    My entry – Brunei Grand Prix

    Track: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6333928
    Pitlane: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6333928

    The track is 5.7km long and clockwise (couldn’t get it to work with the “mountain” section going the other way :P ). I count 19 turns, although several of those are more ‘flicks’ than ‘turns’.

    The straight after the hairpin (Turn 13) is almost 1km long (if you don’t consider the kink in it to be the end of the straight).

    It’s hard to tell because of the low quality images and lack of street view in Brunei, however I’m pretty sure that all of the track is at least 3 lanes wide or could be made that wide (like in the ‘mountain section’, where I think the road is 2 lanes wide but has a hard shoulder, and it could easily be made wider anyway).

    I definitely fulfilled criterion 6 (corner reminiscent of one on the calendar already) as I have several that are similar:
    Turn 1 is like Turn 1 of the Hockenheimring
    Turn 16 (after the northbound straight) is like 130R from Suzuka
    Turns 18 is a bit like Turn 5 of Singapore
    Also Turns 12 and 13 (the double-switchback) are a bit like wider, faster versions of Mirabeau and the Grand Hotel Hairpin of Monaco (it would be going downhill too, like Monaco).

    I fulfilled criterion 5 if you don’t actually have to go ‘around’ the roundabout (there are roundabouts at Turns 11 and 15), and also criterion 4 if it only counts ‘sharp’ 90° corners (Turns 3, 11 and 15 are the only ones with “sharp” apexes, Turn 19 is 90°


    it is much more sweeping due to the wide road and it would probably be 4th gear).



    @vmaxmuffin i was only referring to sharp 90° corners, you’re fine there




    http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6335042 – Pitlane

    Anti-clockwise 4.85km circuit. There are 18 turns.

    T1 is just after the 4km marker, and the pits would reside on the outside of the track, on the area of grass available. The entry to the pit-lane starts before the kink, to make the pits actually long enough. The exit is a tunnel (same as Abu Double), though it could be made to be so it enters more straight just before t1.

    Criteria fulfilled:

    – A section of 4+ esses (On the new section of track)
    – An Anti-Clockwise direction
    – Maximum of 3 90 degree corners (There are exactly 3)
    – A corner reminiscent of any other corner on the current F1 Calendar (The kick which leads into T1 is the same as the kink in the Singapore GP straight)

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