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    4.8 km Philipinian GP
    Stating around 2km mark 1st corner is hairpin
    Has something around 18 corners
    Pit straight is the long straight
    Esses are T2-T5 although T5 is mor a kink
    Is in half antoclockwise
    Has 3 90* corners
    next turn after Plaza Lacson is on roundabout and has 2turns at 1 intersecton
    T1 is like second last turn in shanghai, second last one is like suzuka hairpin



    @qingwa is there a link?



    Oops, sorry it seems I forgot
    This is the link


    ching ho

    Time to go completely crazy. Welcome to the Cocos Islands Grand Prix. (I understand that this route would be impossible, to say the least. I just found it incredibly fun to create, and would like to share it.)



    ching ho

    Sorry about my previous post. The correct formatting for the track would be as follows (without pitlane):
    The racetrack runs anti-clockwise, and starts next to the airport. The first and second corners make a fast chicane, which is then followed by a Sepang-esque tightening left turn, formed by a 180 meter bridge over a lagoon. A short burst then leads to a quick right-left combination, followed by another right turn, then a tight “two-corner” hairpin. The track then straightens out into a very long left turn along the coast line, only interrupted by a slight right-left kink. The penultimate complex resembles Sakhir’s turns nine and ten – a tightening left hander. After another short burst, the final complex is a quick left-right chicane, which opens up, back to the pit straight.

    The pit lane starts at the final chicane, and runs straight through the airport:

    I believe that I have satisfied the following specifications:
    Track Length is between 4 and 6 km (4.121km)
    Number of corners is between 13 and 19 (14)
    Length of built roads does not exceed 1500m, and bridges don’t exceed 200m
    Straight for overtaking (The straight-ish stretch down the coastline)
    Anti-clockwise direction
    Corners reminiscent of the F1 Calendar



    @pezlo2013 is the competition still running or are you going to pick a winner?



    Yes, thanks for the heads up.
    The winner is @vmaxmuffin.



    Thanks! OK, so I think this is a challenge that’s probably been done before but I’m doing it anyway… Inspired by today’s article titled “Changing tracks: Red Bull Ring”, your task today is to take a former F1 circuit that has not been on the calendar in the last 15 seasons (so the last year that the track could have been used for F1 is 1999) and to update it for modern F1 standards.

    The regulations for this round will be reasonably free, these are the only guidelines:
    – Keep as much of existing infrastructure (grandstands, pit buildings etc.) as possible
    – At least half of the existing track must be used, OR in the case of really long circuits then half of the new layout must use the old track
    – The new track must be 4-7.5km long
    – Considerations for run off etc. must be made
    – A pit lane must be identified (either same as the old pit lane, or a new one can be drawn).

    Good luck!






    Last used by F1 in 1985.

    Quite difficult as there’s now a lot of development around the circuit, but I wanted to create a fast flowing design that captured the spirit of the original whilst still providing a couple of good overtaking opportunities.

    Removed turns two and three to open out the beginning of the lap, and so that the paddock complex could be extended to accommodate modern F1.




    6.16km clock-wise circuit with 17 corners.

    Last used by F1 in 1996.

    My philosophy was to try to extend each of the straights, and add extra to them, to both add overtaking spots and also even more character to the track, and to make it a challenge, with high speed zones and some difficult braking points.
    The parts of the new circuit which incorporates the old track which are quite thin roads would be widened.
    The chicane before the final turn was added due to the fact there wouldn’t be enough space for run off at the final turn with the speeds the cars would be doing. It also adds an opportunity to add a grandstand there.
    The pits are to be exactly the same.

    I also added a few extra lines for what could be used for other race series.



    Just realised I forgot to make a deadline – so it will be 7:00am this Sunday Australian Central Standard Time (21:30 GMT on Saturday).

    Two great entries already – keep them coming!




    Prince George Circuit, South Africa. Last used in 1965.

    4.44km. Pit lane would need to be rebuilt and extended, but will fit more or less in it’s current location.

    Tightened up the fast corners, and added some more corners overall, as the track didn’t have many… and we know Tilke loves his corners.



    Kyalami: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6342642
    Pitlane: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6342645 – Designed the way it is to slow the cars down, similar to Bathurst.



    New Zolder, 5,7 km clockwise
    I tried to extend the track but without changing it’s original character
    So, first part of the circuit is the same. The changes are that i put in a spa before-blanchimont-corners, 130R, more zolder-ian style corners and in the end wall of champions chicane.



    and the pitlane:)
    going downside of track like in Abu Dhabi

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