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    All the tracks submitted were very good, but I think I’m going to give this one to @philereid. You track was fast and flowing but also some overtaking opportunities. It was also quite realistic in terms of run off, there were some that were a bit sketchy in that regard (although Phil there was one point towards the end of your track where some construction work would have been required to make it wide enough, because there were two parallel roads but one was higher than the other. I forgave you for that though ;) ).

    Interestingly @chingh your design was quite similar to one I came up with (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6424986, pitlane: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6424989) but in the opposite direction. However I felt yours had a few run off issues and @philereid‘s was better.

    Over to you Phil!



    @vmaxmuffin Many thanks! :) Also, that bit that had two different levels of road, is that the bit that’s between the 1 and 2km markers, because it’s such a short area, I thought it’d be okay. :P

    Anyways, my challenge. So, we all hate Abu Double, at least I think most of us do anyway. But people say that if there is going to be a double points race, it should at least be double to the length.

    So with that said, you are to design a replacement circuit for Abu Dhabi, but about twice as long as Abu Dhabi, so that would be somewhere between 10km-12km. This track must be built in Abu Dhabi. The original circuit can be used with additions added to it, but you can also completely flatten it should you wish.

    – Between 10-12km in length.
    – Maximum of 2 sharp 90 degree corners. Similar to what I’ve done before, corners that are 90 degrees but are not sharp do no count towards this counter.
    – Straights must be no longer than 1km.
    – There must be at least 3 straights (these are allowed to be curved).
    – All straights must start with a corner atleast 90 degrees or more.
    – A pit-lane must be designed.

    Entries will close at sometime on Friday around the Friday practice sessions. Good luck. :)



    @philereid no I was talking about the narrow bit towards the end of the lap, after the longest straight (which you talked about at the end of you track description). Not very practical although it would still be possible with some earth moving :P




    Bridge before the hotel. I have used some of the tarmac of the current circuit.

    I believe it is legal, but if it isn’t, let me know. I won’t go ahead with the commentary before I know it is legal.


    ching ho


    Kept it simple. Inspired by Le Mans. Track rotates anti-clockwise, and utilises the same pit straight, but a slightly different pit lane. Kindly advise if track fulfils all specifications.



    @chingh It does meet all the specifications :)

    Keep them coming people!




    Tha pit lane is the same as the original, exept for the entry which is on the outside of the last corner. This was an old track that I had previously made for the same exact purpose, but I had to edit it a bit to meet all the rules.



    Forgot to say that my pitlane is support races one, the second start-finish straight :)



    3 nice entries so far, would love to see more! :) Keep them coming!



    Here’s mine: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com?r=6428051

    10.2km, anti-clockwise, 32 turns by my count.

    I actually think this would make a good “Circuit de la Sarthe-style” endurance racing extended layout. Although I’d remove some of the chicanes, particularly the one just after the 4km mark, if it wasn’t for the 1km limit to the straight length.

    By the way, the two sharp 90° corners are at the 6km mark and just after passing under the hotel. IMHO all of the other ~90° corners are medium-high speed.



    Close contest between the two last entries, and I’ve decided to go for @vmaxmuffin ‘s entry. This was probably the hardest choice of track I’ve had to make yet. It does look indeed very la Sarthe like.

    Well, over to you again :P



    Thanks @philereid!

    So the 2014 IndyCar championship wrapped up just last weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed the season (the first that I’ve watched the whole season). Needless to say I was happy that my countryman Will Power won the championship too ;).

    In my opinion, one of the (many) things that makes the championship exciting to watch is the circuits. They are very diverse, with everything from super speedways to flowing road courses to tight street circuits. Your task for this circuit designing competition is to take one of the IndyCar road or street circuits and make it fit for F1.

    The rules are as follows:
    1) The track you modify must have featured on the 2014 IndyCar schedule (available here: http://www.indycar.com/Schedule) as a road or street circuit. This makes your options:
    – St Petersburg Street Circuit
    – Long Beach Street Circuit
    – Barber Motorsports Park
    – Indianapolis Road Course
    – Belle Isle Street Circuit
    – Houston Street Circuit
    – Toronto Street Circuit
    – Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
    – Sonoma Raceway
    2) The new track must be a minimum of 3.5km long, OR 110% of the current track’s length (which you can find on the IndyCar website). For example, Sonoma Raceway is currently 2.385mi long, which is 3.838km. Therefore, the new layout must be 1.1*3.838 = 4.222km long (I’ve put in this rule basically to stop people submitting tracks as they are).
    3) In addition to this, no track may be more than 5.5km long.
    4) The new track should use at least 40% of the existing layout
    5) A pit lane must be included in the design at least 300m long.
    6) On the street courses, no buildings should be destroyed, although some landscaping and stuff can be done to make roads wide enough or to make new roads.
    7) On the road courses, some building deconstruction can be done however if I view it as being excessive then I will take marks off :P. Just keep it “within reason”.
    8) Run off room should be accounted for.

    Have fun! Entries will be judged next Friday at 5pm Australian Central Standard Time (9.5hrs ahead of GMT).




    3.9km (increase of 800m, uses about 1.7km/55-60% of the original circuit) clockwise circuit, 13-15 corners (depends on how you count chicanes). Pit lane is basically the same, though the entry would be different (same place, but now on the outside of the final corner).

    The track starts the exact same as it always has, down the main straight/curve, however it is now extended towards the end by 100m. Turn 2 becomes a right hander instead of a left, and then a short straight into another right hander, but quite an open right hander which should allow a lot of speed onto the back straight.

    The back straight starts with a fast left sweep into a right sweep which should both be flat. After the right sweep the circuit rejoins the current circuit’s back straight and runs down following the current circuit until it gets to what was originally the penultimate corner.

    Here, instead of taking the final corner which would have been the awful hairpin, it now opens up to a short straight/curve and then there’s a right hander (about as tight as T9 at Mid Ohio).

    It then opens onto a relatively long straight which has a lot of flat out tiny curves to it. The quick chicane just after the Yacht Club may not be flat, but it’s not slow either. The straight the continues to a quick flat right king and then into a right hand hairpin, tight entry, open exit. There is then a quick sweeping right left, flat out, and then a straight to the final two corners. Two 90 lefts end the circuit (similar to how Sochi ends, though slightly tighter and the other way).

    The main straight/curve is still about the same length because whilst it’s extended by 100m at the end, it’s shortened by 100m at the start. The corner onto it is however slightly quicker, so it should make overtaking easier into T2.



    Lets see some competition to Phil’s entry guys ;)


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