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    Sorry max (hope ur ok with that), missed that one

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    @pezlo2013 No harm in asking ;)

    P.S. Just noticed a flaw in my username. My name isn’t Max :P. VMax is referring to maximum velocity (usually written with the “Max” as subscript). Not that it matters, but I suppose it could cause confusion, especially if I chose to use my real name for whatever reason.

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    @vmaxmuffin could I also ask you what your favourite snack is? :p

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    Sorry everybody but it looks like my post didn’t submit properly!

    Anyway, the winner I chose was @kanil – I thought his track had a great variety of ballsy high-speed corners, technical medium- and slow-speed corners, with some big braking zones for overtaking. Your turn!

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    Thanks! I’m not really sure what makes for a good contest, so I apologize in advance if this isn’t very interesting.

    I’d like to see a circuit that incorporates an airport in some fashion. Which airport and what portions of it are used are up to you. A circuit on perimeter roads like Silverstone, a hybrid between the airport and city streets like the St. Petersburg IndyCar round, or a track consisting exclusively of runways (ChampCar at Cleveland) are all acceptable.

    – The track must contain some portion of an airport. Any airport you want, whether it’s a military base, on a tiny island in an ocean, or one of the busiest in the world — all acceptable.
    – At least half the track should be made of existing roads/runways/parking lots/etc.
    – Length between 3.5 and 7km.
    – The track should be more or less sane with regards to width and runoff.
    – No building destruction.

    Entries should be submitted within a week, so before 5pm GMT March 6th. Have fun!

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    Turn 1 would be where the 3km mark is (A sweeping left hander), with the pit-lane being on the right of the track (as if heading down to the 3km mark)

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    Old Tempelhof Airport, Berlin. Great location right in the middle of the city.


    An old fashioned, simplistic blast around the perimeter roads with a purpose built loop to add a couple of overtaking opportunities. The pitlane would be between the 3 and 4 km markers.

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    Schiphol airport, 4.9 km, clockwise, pitlane on inside of the track.


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    The old Helsinki airport, 3.7 km


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    Here’s mine at London City Airport: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6220823 – Clockwise, 5.1km, start line roughly where the marker is (or a bit before). Pitlane is on the outside, and is illustrated on this map: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=6220826.

    This track is probably the best candidate for a major race in Central London, although despite London City not being a really major airport I can’t see them closing it. The track could theoretically be used for Formula One (although the super-bumpy nature of airports means this is unlikely…) but could also be used for many other series. The super-long main straight provides an excellent passing opportunity at the end, with other long straights providing opportunities too. There is a variety of slower hairpins, mid-speed corners and faster Esses.

    There are a few practical issues with this track (other than closing the airport… :P) – No buildings need to be knocked over, but several roads need widening/reprofiling/creating, including the Connaught Bridge needing to be rebuilt/heavily renovated (to allow both sides of the bridge to be joined together) and a new bridge needing to be built too to get back to the airport. However, I the rules only say that you can’t destroy buildings so I think this is fine :).

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    Point Cook RAAF Base- Home to the Point Cook Air Show on the weekend, and the destination for my circuit (10 mins from my house :p) Pits on the outside

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    I suppose it is technically an airport :P

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    Ok, It’s a little longer than the rules permit… but tell me that doesn’t look like Le Mans


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    @ajokay length issue aside, that doesn’t actually use any of the actual airport (as in the runways/taxiways)… not sure if it counts. @kanil do you consider this alright? Just worth confirming :)

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    Gibraltar Airport.

    Not a particularly challenging circuit, but the border crossing every lap should be interesting. The race could be called “The Grand Prix of Friendship, Respect and Mutual Appreciation among neighbours, hosted in Gibraltar”.

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