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    Your job is to create your own home circuit in your home town

    Rules are:
    – It must be between 4.5 and 7,5 km in length
    – It must be purpose built, unless you live in a city of over 1 million people
    – You cannot destroy buildings unless they are owned by you or your family

    The deadline is before Malaysian GP qualifying, I’ll announce the winner at some point after the qualifying




    Pit-straight is where the main marker is, going down to the right hand hair-pin.



    The start-finish line would be a bit further down the straight than where the main marker is, but it’d go as it is for the rest (clockwise, obviously).



    Delft (NL), 4.7 km, clockwise, pitlane on inside of the track.
    A bit more sensible than my usual tracks :)



    Groningen, the Netherlands. 6.350 KM.


    I designed it and don’t even know where the overtaking spots are, but it’s the closest place to the city where there’s room for a track.



    The winner is @philereid because the track looks interesting and has a couple of potential overtaking spots.



    Thanks @knucklehead. Second win. :)

    My challenge:

    You’ve just been given a huge amount of money, and have been tasked with re-designing any of the current tracks on the calender, or any track that has appeared on the F1 calender at any point in F1’s history.
    The tracks you design can either be relatively similar, adding some minor improvements to tracks, or they can be completely redesigned, but they must be on the same site as the old one (assume the site is completely leveled, back to basics. Terrain heights can be changed, so for example, you could completely flatten out Spa if you really wanted to.

    The rules:

    – The track you design must be within 1km of the original distance of the circuit if it’s a current F1 circuit.
    – If it’s not a current circuit, the distance can be whatever you decide.
    – You can expand the site you develop on, so long as some of the original track site is used. This can only be done if realistic.
    – You don’t have to design a pit-lane, but feel free to. You must state where it is though. Obviously if you’re using the original pits, just say that.

    That’s it.

    Also, if people have a problem with this, i.e it’s not so fun, then I can change it to something else.



    Prince George Circuit, South Africa: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_George_Circuit


    Track itself: 5.7651 km

    I moved the pitlane (it’s on the inside), so I didn’t have to use the existing main straight. Otherwise it would basically have remained a simple triangle-like track. Start finish would be in the middle of the straight between the two dots.



    Rouen-Les-Essarts, 6.3 km, pitlane on inside of the track
    Didn’t want to mess with it too much, since I think the track is already pretty much perfect. I moved the pitlane to a more sensible location. Note that the hairpin at the 3km mark is cobblestoned :)



    My Circuito da Boavista
    Starting at 1 km dot clockwise pits on the left of s/f sthraight



    There were rumors that Bernie wanted the Hungaroring to be redesigned for allowing more overtakes when the circuit’s contract was signed last year until 2021, and although it seems like because of the lack of funds from the government it might not happen, luckily @philereid gave me just enough money to do so. Here’s the plan for the redesign which will be completed for the 2016 race:

    The track’s length will be 4,34 km, so pretty much the same as currently, so will the pit lane be, although with that small cut in the entrance, and I will bring the start/finish line forward to that main marker.



    @andae23 This ones yours. Although similar to the original, it basically adds exactly what I’d be looking for to a course.

    Take it away!



    Yay! :)

    As you may or not know, the island of Barbados has a very small track, called Bushy Park. At the moment, the circuit is being upgraded to an FIA Grade 3 circuit, a 2.0 km track designed by Apex Circuit Design.

    But what if they would have wanted to upgrade it to a circuit suitable for Formula 1? Well, that’s where you come in! :P

    Your mission is to redesign the Bushy Park circuit so it could host a Formula 1 GP. Here’s some requirements:
    – The circuit shall be between 3.5 and 7 kilometres in length.
    – You shall not build outside this area. Within this area you are allowed to destroy anything you want. Note that this area is relatively small for a Formula 1 track.
    – Your new circuit shall include at least 400 metres of the old lay-out. You are allowed to move the pitlane.

    Entries close next Friday at noon British time. Good luck and have fun :)




    Turn 1 is the northern most hair pin (near 2km mark). Pit lane would be on the inside of the track. Also, the final corner is a smooth curve, with no kinks as it may appear on here (due to poor use of the points).



    @philereid I’m afraid you entered the wrong track ;)

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