F1 in ten years’ time

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    10 years ago, we were in the midst of a season with Williams, McLaren and Ferrari battling for the title, with Schumacher securing yet another championship, and of course adding a further title afterwards. However, looking forward, many things have changed. Renault became a force, with a new champion in the form of Fernando Alonso, and Sauber replaced Williams in the upper echelons of the sport due to the shift of BMW backing, before returning back to the midfield, while Williams are yet to recover. We have seen teams change hands numerous times, with Jordan becoming Midland, then Spyker before settling to what we know as Force India today, along with the loss of Minardi becoming Toro Rosso. We have seen manufacturers leave, like Honda and Toyota, while others have arrived, such as Mercedes. We saw a huge shake up in 2009, with the established order replaced by a privateer running what would have been Hondas on a shoestring budget and perhaps most surprisingly, an energy drink company. Of course, in 2010 we saw the arrival of the three new teams, one of which has already disappeared, going the same way as Arrows, Prost and latterly, Super Aguri.

    In terms of venues, new circuits have become a regular feature, generally in the Eastern markets many companies are so desperate to break into. However, these have often come at the expense of established Grands Prix, such as France and San Marino, along with Austria, which has meant this shift has not always been positively recieved.

    This goes to show that the future is hard to predict, with many changes that I doubt many would have guessed over the past ten years, but I was wondering what Formula One will be like in 10 years time.

    What do you think F1 will be like? Will we have many manufacturers, or will we have mostly privateers? Will there be any rounds left in Europe? I would love it if you would share your idea of F1 2023.

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    We will have 22 races in 2023. Only 6 GP left will be in Europe.
    14 races will be in Asia, and we’ll have two races in the Americas.
    2023’s Formula 1 cars will be powered by V4 Turbo Engines.
    Cars will be slower down the straight but produce a ridiculous amount of downforce.
    Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton long gone. Vettel will be in his last year in F1.
    We will have 10 or 11 teams. Only McLaren and Ferrari have lasted from 10 years ago.
    And Bernie will… shall no longer be with us, to say it in the most respectful way.


    In 10 years F1 will be pretty different, McLaren for a start will be a spent force like Williams (who will have sadly passed on by then), after a slap-dash management and engineer restructure after an embarrassing few years struggling for a top 6 slot, Red-Bull will be a mid-grid team after a drop in funding, Vettel will be seeing out his final year in an Audi F1 car, Alonso, Hamilton, Rosberg, Massa will all still be scrapping in the midfield in an array of new cars, such as Porsche, Honda, Toyota, Ford.
    Drivers Like Collado, Di Resta, Van Der Garde and Razia will be the championship chasers.

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    Aish Heydrich

    Lol @kingshark. You are too polite. Give us something funnier.
    In ten years, Red Bull will not be an energy drink company but a very successful automobile company with a HUGE racing pedigree.
    Ross Brawn will have taken Jean Todt’s place.
    Very few races in Europe as kingshark said, lol.
    1 new race in Africa.
    Keith Collantine would have taken David Croft’s place in Sky, as the latter suffered a heart attack after Maldonado became a WDC in 2022.

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    Covered cockpits – ostensibly on the grounds of safety, but primarily for Aerodynamic reasons and a new race… ON MARS.

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    Lucas Wilson

    McLaren will be on their knees. As said above Red Bull will become a car company. Alonso will be a 3 time WDC. Vettel will be a 6 time world champion. Hamilton and Rosberg will win 1 championship each at Mercedes, after which Rosberg will quit F1 and race in DTM. Hamilton moves to Sauber for his final few years. Nico Hulkenberg will partner with Jules Bianchi at Ferrari and have a close battle for the championship.

    Frank passes on his team to his daughter who will put women in both cars and ultimately make a mess of it. They will fall into financial crises but at the last hour Pastor Maldonado will save the team and the race for one more year and will come 4th in the WCC.

    China will have 2 extra races and there will be a total of 25 races a year.

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    In 10 years time, F1 will be confined to pay TV channels, races will be far away in the deserts and jungles of Asia, cared about only by the incredibly rich, and the number one watched motor sport by us commoners will be sports car racing.

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    In 10 years FIA will be killing off WEC and the combined GT series (GT1/DTM/SuperGT) or trying to do so in vain attempt to keep F1’s top position. Unless Mr. E is still alive. Then people will see the F1 Show every Sunday.
    F1 will be a using spec cars on wooden tyres. One tiny ICE (produced by the sole engine maker – Ferrari) to produce electricity for two electric motors. Closed cocpit, some sort of bumpers around the cars, no diffuser, smaller wings – all in the name of safety. 250kmh limited top speed but that won’t be a problem since no car can reach it anyway unless an F5 tornado hits the track.
    There will be 3 races per weekend two of which with reverse grid. 4 sets of tyres for all of them. Stewards will measure the tyre wear of every set used and everyone exceeding the margins will be punished with 3 places grid drop for the next race and 1 penalty point. Per tyre. Complete tyre failure is totaly unacceptable. Punishment is unknown though. No one was ever seen again after having one. Entire teams get replaced in a day not just the drivers.
    Everyone who dares to damage the precious engine will get 1 race ban + 10 places grid drop for next race. Doubles if repeated. Grid drop penalties carry over from one race to another until depleted of course.
    Anyone winning 3 races in a row gets 1 race ban. 2 race ban if repeated. If anyone is leading the championship with more than 25 points gets 10 place grid drop penalty. For 50 or more points – one race ban.

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    Racing will generally stay the same. KERS is now limited to a fixed amount of time, so is DRS. Since Pirelli got so much bad press from their early ’10s tyres, they quit after 2014 and Good Year came back after much pleading from a Jean Todt. They built tyres akin to the pre-1998 slicks.

    People will still complain about ‘F1 being much better 10 years ago’ and will now go into comment-wars about ‘I’d prefer exciting races on poor Pirelli’s over parades on long lasting Good Years’. The FIA will still have a fair penalty system and it also applies to GP2 and GP3, but people will still complain about that too.

    The FOM will start a website on which you can access years worth of F1 material. They will see their servers crashing once they open up a comments section and people feel the need to replicate YouTube comments. Comments are then banned, only for the FOM to be called ‘pigs’.

    People will also continue to blame Bernie, who long has passed, for everything they don’t like about F1, ranging from tyres, circuits, rules, drivers, teams and the weather. (Wait, that could also be said for 10 years ago.)

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