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F1 discussion

F1 on BBC One HD this weekend!

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    Hey Guys,

    Just noticed BBH ONE HD has launched tonight and guess what I found for this weekend :D

    Both qualifying and the race will be in HD (albeit probably upscaled but better then not at all)

    I only got HD 2 weeks ago :D Perfect timing!!

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    I think the stuff with Jake and the boys will be HD and the race SD. FOM doesn’t use HD cameras as far as I’m aware, unless this is a new development.

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    Judging by Bernie’s recent reluctance I can’t see the footage being HD.

    Just wait until it goes 3D ;)


    We’ll be long dead by then.

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    Were they not supposed to be broadcasting F1 in HD in 2011? This might be to try the new equipment out or?

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    Just wait until it goes 3D ;)

    Why? 3D is the most overrated thing I have ever seen. HD, however, is brilliant.

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    Dan Thorn

    HD is awesome – since I started gaming in HD I now find it very difficult to game in SD. Blu-Ray DVD’s are well worth the extra money too, especially if you have a decent sound system.

    On a side note, is there any reason for the end of season review NOT to be released on Blu-Ray?

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    Dan: I’m guessing that the video is digitally captured in standard definition, so any race-footage from the track-side cameras and the on-board cameras will be in standard definition, and it wouldn’t make sense to release that on a blu-ray disc.

    Some of the footage pre- and post-race might be recorded in high definition though.

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    Blu-ray will also be on its way out soon, what with downloads becoming veer more popular. Rumours are when the PS4/X-Box 360606060 comes into existence you’ll buy games off the internet and download them straight onto them.

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    F1 IS currently filmed in HD BUT it isn’t broadcasted/released by FOM in HD

    I found this reliable source here


    I dont know if im going to be the only person dont this, but no way am I listening to Legard, its just standard standard definition and 5live for me. That is unless the reb button also has upscaled standard definition.

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    There was a definite benefit to the unscaled HD picture this weekend. I have my fingers crossed that the little man will keep to his word and get as a stream for 2011.

    Have to agree with you though WelshF1, I find myself correcting his errors for other people in the room.

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    I thought the upscaled coverage was fantastic this weekend. Sure we were still stuck with Legard but the picture was great. Bring on full HD

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    @damonsmedley I watched the Spurs vs. Milan game the other night at the pub and it was alright to be honest!

    However, still horifically pointless.

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