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F1 discussion

f1 on sky

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    Is it right that f1 is going to sky for half the races? I think we all fear that the season after they will have more races and eventually you would have to have sky to watch it. There is a petition currently being made which can be found here: just over 30,000 on it now. if we can get it to 100,000 it would have to be discussed in parliament.

    There is also a few Facebook pages around trying to publish the petition here is a link to one. its a new one but please join it and invite your friends. if everyone did it we can reverse the decision. I am in the proccess of finding information about it and have other links there to other sites and forums about it. There are also going to be some poles. The main thing is we need these signatures.

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    The decision can’t be reversed, but it should certainly be discussed.

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    No offence mate, but I think you’re about 2 months late.

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    Apparently Schumacher is leaving Ferrari! Hope he wins the title off Alonso before he retires!


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    Ha! Dougy D ;D

    F1 was never a sport that the government/BBC felt they had an obligation to broadcast. Folks on the continent have needed premium TV for years to enjoy F1.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    There is a petition currently being made which can be found here: just over 30,000 on it now. if we can get it to 100,000 it would have to be discussed in parliament.

    Really? I never would have guessed! It’s only existed since about ten minutes after the broadcast arrangement was first announced.

    Given the slow rate at which the petition has been gathering signatures of late, I’d say it’s got about as many signatures as it could hope to get. I find it very unlikely that it will find the remaining 70,000 signatures needed before the 2012 season begins.

    Still at least it did better than the petition demanding that the government hand the Falklands Islands over the Argentina with immediate effect …

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    I would think the petition is just about reaching saturation point; I mean if they didn’t sign it in the last two (?) months since the announcement; would they ever?

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    I honestly think ppv formula 1 will lose at least 30% of all viewers, BBC was perfect for F1.

    Hey everyone, let’s now watch the American channel, SPEED TV! :D

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    Is the ruling by the European Court of Justice going to have a benificial effect for us F1 viewers.

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    I think it will. Some people are saying it may have implications for who can watch iPlayer as well, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to comment.

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    Prisoner Monkeys

    I wouldn’t be jumping to conclusions just yet. The story only broke an hour or two ago, and the courts have not released a full statement of why the verdict was passed down the way it was. And even if they had, it applies to the Premier League; exactly how it affects Formula 1 – if it affects Formula 1 – remains to be seen.

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    But whether it’s F1 or Premier league, surely the same principal applies?

    The primary objective for a free-market EU is that all European services should be available competitively priced across the whole of the EU – & not just Greece. Therefore why shouldn’t we be able to import Greek broadcasts instead of paying extortionate Sky UK prices ? Bring it on !

    I bet loads of fans would choose to pay an cheaper EU F1 broadcast supplier (if there is one ?) for F1 than I would Sky/Murdoch….as long as there are no ads….

    Realise there are further court dates due but it will mean less money for Sky which is no bad thing. How will they recover this lost revenue? They can’t charge any more than they already do, surely ?

    This is huge ! Murdochs must be quaking.

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    Keith Collantine
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