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    Mark the date :)




    Looking forward to it.



    Sorry, I must be missing something – mark the date for what?


    Stephen Jones

    excited! I think the Singapore Poster on my wall needs a friend!



    @estesark My unofficial F1 posters, go on sale soon: http://pjtierney.net/#2323544/Formula-1-Print-Series

    Just got featured here, have a read :) http://www.theaustingrandprix.com/news/2012/2/13/pj-tierney-how-an-artist-interprets-f1.html


    I can’t recall exactly how I came across PJ Tierney’s 2011 Formula 1™ Poster Series; it’s almost as if they’ve been a part of my memory for some time. When I started pinning F1 items on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to include his work. I remembered seeing his set of posters for the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship season – India was my favorite – and with a little digging I was able to attribute him to the original design and discovered his website – http://www.PJTierney.net.

    Seeing that we’re just about one month away from the 2012 season, I reached out to PJ to learn more about his inspiration and his plans for 2012. Also, I thought that fans of his work, including many American racing fans, would like to know if there are plans for an F1 poster for the USA. Great news folks: PJ’s online store is launching today.



    It’s launch time :)


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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