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    After writing a post in today’s round-up, i came up with this – let’s get on with fun facts about F1 thread challenge. Anything interesting that you know about our beloved sport, bring it on.

    I’ll start with this (shared in the round-up):

    -Apparently each cylinder head in F1 is checked for total of 20 hours for manufacturing malfunctions before being put in an F1 car.

    -Each F1 car transmits about 55mb of raw data into the pits every lap. Imagine going through 55mbytes of .xls’s in 1 minute 30 seconds. :P

    -Total amount of cargo being shipped to the races by F1 teams fits in seven jumbo jets. Not all of the equipment ships to every race in the calendar though, with some skipping races like Singapore-Abu Dhabi (it pays off to watch F1 forum ;) )

    If you can come up with more of this stuff, it’d be great. If i’m writing rubbish, also please let me know which fact is wrong.


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