F1 run up Pikes Peak…

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    Have any of the F1 teams ever tried running their cars up Pikes Peak? I’ve been watching some of the footage from this years runs and for the most part it looks pretty flat and manageable for a F1 car…

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    Keith Collantine

    Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Pikes Peak a gravel course until fairly recently? So it wouldn’t have been feasible.

    And given the trouble F1 just had running around a course as flat as a former airfield I’m not sure they’d cope with the mildest of inclines at the moment.

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    Yeah, up until this year (or the year before) it’s been part or all gravel. I thought someone was taking an IndyCar up there at some point though.

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    Yeah, I thought it was more off-road but then I saw this which prompted the question . . . http://youtu.be/5LRFPo6pymY

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    Oh wow, if that’s not the sound of the future I dont know what is! Of course electric will have an advantage on Pikes Peak because it doesn’t rely on oxygen levels, maybe we’ll see one of those take the record off Loeb in a few years?

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